Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals Season

It will be the franchise’s 99th season in NFL & 31st in Arizona. But it’s the 25th as the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals Head coach Name ?

– Steve Wilks.

Arizona Cardinals Since 1920:

Chicago Cardinals (1920–1943, 1945–1959)
Card-Pitt (1944)
St. Louis Cardinals (1960–1987)
Phoenix Cardinals (1988–1993)
Arizona Cardinals (1994–present)

2018 Arizona Cardinals Draft Players name :

Josh Rosen – his position as QB and his College name is UCLA and he is From Oakland .

Christian Kirk – his position as WR his College name is Texas A&M .

Mason Cole his position as C his College name is Michigan he is From Compensatory pick .

Chase Edmonds – his position as RB his College name is Fordham he is From Compensatory pick

Chris Campbell – his position as CB his College name is Penn State .

Korey Cunningham his position as G his College name is Cincinnati he is From Compensatory pick.

Division championships (7)

NFL West: 1947 and 1948
NFC East: 1974 and 1975
NFC West: 2008 and 2009 as well as 2015

Cardinals Championships

League championships

NFL Championships (pre-1970 AFL–NFL merger) (2)
1925*and 1947