DeAndre Hopkins is the Highest-Paid Non-QB in NFL History following a 2-year, $54.5m Extension

As we anticipate the return of football on Friday with Super Bowl Winners, the Chiefs playing against the Texans, more contract extensions are still witnessed in the NFL.

On Tuesday, multiple media outlets reported that DeAndre Hopkins, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals as a wide receiver, was set to become the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network Insider, the Cardinals will offer the wide receiver a 2-year contract extension worth about $54.5 million in new money, which translates to $27.5 million per year in 2023 and 2024. Hopkins is expected to receive a further $42.75 million guaranteed at signing.

Before this deal, Hopkins was on an $81 million extension with the Houston Texans signed in August 2017. It was a 5-year contract, and he had only three years remaining, where he was to earn about $12.5 million, $13.5 million, and $13.9 million, respectively.

Rapoport further added that Hopkins constructed the deal on his accord following his trade-off from Houston Texans to Arizona Cardinals. The exchange happened in April 2020, where the Texans acquired running back David Johnson from the deal.

Hopkins got a no-franchise tag clause and a no-trade clause, and the final year is voidable.
It was a good deal for both teams involved as they try to acquire the much-needed skill power in players of their choice as the 2020 season resumes on September 11, 2020. So far, we have witnessed many signings with enormous contract amounts as the NFL teams prepare the ground for another super season.

According to NFL power rankings, the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites, followed by the San Francisco 49ers, and on the low spot, we have Washington Football Team and Jacksonville Jaguars.
The power rankings haven’t changed that much, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to see some surprising results for the NFL 2020 season. This is because the season is returning after several months of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arizona Cardinals are ranked no. 23, but with DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, and Larry Fitzgerald, the team is ready to compete for the 2020 season. They are expecting that their new signings could surpass 1,000 yards.

DeAndre Hopkins, 28 years old, is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He is a 4-time Pro Bowl selection, and he has earned All-Pro honors for the third consecutive season.

In 15 games in 2019, Hopkins caught 104 passes for 1165 yards and recorded seven touchdowns. It was the fifth time he surpassed 1,000 yards, and the third time he recorded over 100 catches.

These stats come from his 7-year career since the Houston Texans made him a first-round pick in 2013. And it seems Hopkins is yet to set a high bar with the Cardinals as he will be playing with last year’s NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, QB Kyle Murray, and Hall of Fame receiver, Larry Fitzgerald.

All the 32 teams are starting week one in mid-September 2020, fresh and ready to give it all amid the coronavirus pandemic. Players, coaches, and other personal are expected to abide by all COVID-19 rules set for all 2020 NFL games.

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