DeAndre Hopkins is the Highest-Paid Non-QB in NFL History following a 2-year, $54.5m Extension

DeAndre Hopkins is the Highest-Paid Non-QB

As we anticipate the return of football on Friday with Super Bowl Winners, the Chiefs playing against the Texans, more contract extensions are still witnessed in the NFL. On Tuesday, multiple media outlets reported that DeAndre Hopkins, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals as a wide receiver, was set to become the highest-paid non-quarterback in … Read more

Miami Dolphins Players Announce They Will Stay in Locker Room During Both Anthems

Miami Dolphins Players Will Stay in Locker Room

It hasn’t been easy up to date following the outbreak of coronavirus, which brought about havoc in professional sports, causing postponement and cancelation. In response to curb the spread of the virus, the NFL has continuously kept on introducing new contingency plans to ensure the coaches, players, employees, and fans are safe. Early on, the … Read more