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Cincinnati Bengals football is back! The Bengals will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at Lucas Oil Stadium. Like most Indianapolis games, fans looking for the Bengals vs Colts live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports Network at 1:00 PM (ET). You will find other Cincinnati Bengals live streamed games on NBC (3), FOX(2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Cincinnati Bengals live stream football games.

Marvin Lewis is untouchable. At least, that is what it looks like from outside the greater Cincinnati area. Lewis survived an otherwise thorough shakeup of the coaching staff, including two new coordinators, after dismal showings over the past two seasons. Guide to watch NFL football Cincinnati Bengals live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

The Bengals scratched out seven wins last season, including the two “gimmes” from the Browns, on a third-place schedule. There is good news for this season if you want to believe Lewis will lead them back to the playoffs.

First, they get to play a third-place schedule again, although that does include five games against playoff teams from 2017.

Second, the league only scheduled them for one prime-time game all season. Yes, I am alluding to Alex Dalton’s miserable record in primetime games. Even better news is that the Thursday night affair is at home against Joe Flacco. Flacco has his worst career record and statsin Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals live stream

This is how we see the Cincinnati Bengals’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:


Everyone can watch Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

Whether you are among the “cord-cutters” or continue to suffer with “bargain” cable packages that offer incomplete channel selections, Cincinnati Bengals live stream NFL games are available legally and economically.

This article will highlight the most popular options to watch all 16 Cincinnati Bengals live stream football games from the comfort of your home.

Quality is dependent on your internet feed, but each of these providers boast good service and reliability.

DirecTV Now for all your Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

Most internet television providers offer a good selection of local network broadcasts with their streaming plans. Few, however, offer a complete package of NFL networks.

DirecTV Now, a subsidiary of the satellite TV giant, is the happy exception. Cincinnati Bengals live stream football games will be produced by CBS (13 games), FOX (2) and NFL-Network (1) this season. DirecTV Now offers all three of those channels in their $40/month plan.

They also offer NBC and ESPN for Sunday and Monday Night Football games. There is no contract obligating you to continue the service after the last Cincinnati Bengals live stream game. But with over 60 channels on tap, you might be convinced to stick with them all year.

CBS All Access has Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

CBS offers its programming, including 13 Cincinnati Bengals live stream games, over their internet television service, CBS All Access.

With their limited selection of programs comes the lowest price option by far. For $5.99/month, you can watch CBS’ NFL coverage, including Cincinnati Bengals live stream NFL games.

Those on a serious budget might settle for the 13 games at that price. Others who already have another service or are thinking about adding a service lacking CBS coverage might add CBS All Access to watch the complete slate of Cincinnati Bengals live stream games.

Fubo TV has Cincinnati Bengals live stream games

Fubo TV was developed for sports fans of all types. More than half of their 60 available channels are sports-exclusive. They also offer some local sports stations and network feeds.

In many television markets, that includes CBS. However, in the Cincinnati area, subscribers can only watch Cincinnati Bengals live stream games when they are on FOX, NBC, or the NFL Network.

Fubo does not have a contract with ESPN yet, either. If you are a general sports fanatic or live in another market that includes CBS, it is worth the $45/month subscription rate.

Cincinnati Bengals live stream action on Sling TV

Sling TV is another service that does not offer CBS. However, as part of their combined orange and blue packages at $40/month, you get the NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, and FOX. That’s a lot of football games, although it is only three Cincinnati Bengals live stream events.

This is a service you can combine with a CBS All-Access subscription to grab all 16 Cincinnati Bengals live stream NFL games.

YouTube TV for Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

YouTube TV, a relative newcomer to the field, offers the most sports channels and has a reputation as an innovative provider. Their network lineup includes CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN in Ohio, providing fans with 15 of the 16 Cincinnati Bengals live stream games.

Recently, HULU with live TV, which does not offer CBS in Cincinnati, added NFL-Network. There are expectations in the live stream community that YouTube TV will feel obligated to follow suit soon enough.

PlayStation Vue and Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

Sony offers internet television service through their PlayStation Vue service. Don’t let the name fool you. The service is compatible with most streaming devices. No PlayStation game unit is needed.

PSV includes ESPN and the NFL Network nationally, and local FOX and NBC channels in the Cincinnati area. It offers CBS in some other markets, but local fans can not watch the 13 CBS-aired Cincinnati Bengals live stream games on PlayStation Vue, except as an on-demand service the next day.

NFL Game Pass has all the NFL live stream action

NFL Game Pass offers an international subscription to NFL fans outside the United States for $125/year. Any streaming device not in the USA can receive all 16 Cincinnati Bengals live stream NFL games as they happen.

In fact, you can watch any NFL live stream game, as well as the NFL Network with NFL Red Zone on Sundays and news and highlights all week long. All games are available on-demand, too. You can even break down the game in a coach’s film view.

US residents can subscribe to NFL Game Pass to take advantage of everything except the NFL and Cincinnati Bengals live stream games. You will have to wait until Monday to see the action.

Everyone can watch Cincinnati Bengals live stream action

With a few minutes of online research, you can find the service or combination that best suits your needs. None of these services requires a contract and most include a free trial.

In fact, if you already receive most of the games and just need one or two weeks to fill in the blanks, why not take advantage of free trials from several companies? It’s a great way to see what they offer besides Cincinnati Bengals live stream NFL games and stick to your budget.

Week 1: Bengals (0-0) at Colts (0-0) 

Wouldn’t you know it? Andrew Luck isn’t quite ready to start in Week 1 after all. That makes this game even more winnable for the Bengals. After all, Jacoby Brissett has some talent, but he’s no Jimmy Garoppolo, right?

Unfortunately, Brissett seems more prepared than Dalton to run his team’s new offense. Tight ends score three touchdowns for Indianapolis in their home-opening win. (Colts 23-17)

Week 2: Ravens (1-0) at Bengals (0-1)

Cincinnati goes into their lone primetime battle angry. Emotions don’t get them past Dalton’s absolute woeful play on national television.

Flacco indeed has another subpar performance in Cincinnati, but the Ravens’ running game and defense give the victory to Baltimore. (Ravens 24-13)

Week 3: Bengals (0-2) at Panthers (2-0)

Cam Newton and the Panthers’ defense came out of the gate in top form with solid victories against Dallas and Atlanta.

Cincinnati invested in their offensive line with a draft pick and a trade. They may be asking for too much from Cordy Glenn and their rookie center. Joe Mixon continues to under-impress behind the line and Dalton has happy feet. (Panthers 23-10)

Week 4: Bengals (0-3) at Falcons (0-3)

Cincinnati visits another winless team in Atlanta. The Falcon’s playoff hopes are on life support after three tough losses to Philadelphia, Carolina, and New Orleans. Making it to the postseason after an 0-3 start is difficult. A fourth loss would all but kill their playoff hopes.

Meanwhile, the Bengals are just trying to put together a solid game. Their new coordinators are still looking for the right personnel sets. Marvin Lewis remains calm as the team flounders around him. (Falcons 26-7)

Week 5: Dolphins (2-2) at Bengals (0-4)

This is another game the Bengals have penciled in as a win. Unfortunately, the Dolphins come to town believing they can replace the 0-4 Bills as this year’s surprise wild card team.

Two struggling quarterbacks go at it in a game that can almost be called entertaining. Ryan Tannehill pulls out the victory that keeps Miami tied with the Patriots for first place in the AFC East. (Dolphins 20-16)

Week 6: Pittsburgh (3-2) at Bengals (0-5)

There is much conjecture as to whether Big Ben and the rest of the Killer B’s have lost a step in Pittsburgh. But 3-2 has them in first place in the AFC North and they are winning the games they should win against lesser teams.

Cincinnati would be one of those lesser teams. The Bengals offense continues their inept play against the Steelers. (Steelers 25-7)

Week 7: Bengals (0-6) at Chiefs (2-4)

Kansas City is struggling early in the season with their young new quarterback, Pat Mahomes. But if you are looking for your first victory in Week 7, you’re still not likely to find it against Andy Reid at home.

Cincinnati helps the Chiefs get their feathers together in a rout. To add injury to insult, left tackle Cordy Glenn is carted off the field with a knee issue. (Chiefs 33-10)

Week 8: Buccaneers (1-5) at Bengals (0-7)

Tampa Bay has one of the most difficult opening five games in the league with a game in Chicago the only one not pitting against a playoff team. They barely squeaked by Cleveland last week for their first victory.

Here is another game Cincinnati feels they can win. But the Buccaneers’ defense mauls Dalton and his receivers while tossing a shutout in front of the Bengals’ home crowd. (Buccaneers 17-0)

Week 9: The Bengals are on their bye week.

Week 10: Saints (5-3) at Bengals (0-8)

New Orleans is coming off two tough losses against the Rams and Vikings. The risk of overlooking the Bengals with the Eagles looming in Week 11 is considered and then rejected by Drew Brees and company.

Calls for Marvin Lewis’ termination are getting harder to ignore in Cincinnati. Andy Dalton no longer talks to reporters. Vontaze Burflictpunches a reporter after the game. (Saints 28-14)

Week 11: Bengals (0-9) at Ravens (4-5)

Cincinnati gets out of town to take on the Baltimore Ravens, who just broke a five-game losing streak. The Ravens are within a game of first place in the AFC North.

So, to recap, the Bengals travel to take on a team coming off their bye who just found new life in the playoff hunt. Why are the football gods doing this to Lewis? (Ravens 31-10)

Week 12: Browns (3-7) at Bengals (0-10)

At last! A reprieve. But the Browns are not the automatic win they used to be. While they haven’t developed a winning culture yet, they do have three more victories than the Bengals heading into the game.

Andy Dalton hits the field with an unusual amount of energy. He has his best game of the season and the defense holds off the Browns enough for the Bengals to breathe a sigh of relief. (Bengals 24-21)

Week 13: Broncos (4-7) at Bengals (1-10)

John Elway and Case Keenum are feeling the heat in Denver after memories of the Broncos’ inspiring 3-1 start disappeared during six losses in their last seven. Defenses are teeing off on the Denver passer as a revolving door of running backs take their turn failing around him.

Cincinnati hasn’t got the kind of defense to tee off on anybody. But they have enough to take advantage of a wounded Broncos team and steal their second straight victory. (Bengals 16-13)

Week 14: Bengals (2-10) at the Chargers (9-3)

Los Angeles has one of the most diverse offensive attacks in the league. Philip Rivers can taste a division title.

Andy Dalton looks confused in the unfamiliar setting of Los Angeles. The Bengals succumb rather passively. (Chargers 27-16)

Week 15: Raiders (5-8) at Bengals (2-11)

The wheels have come off John Gruden’s bus in Oakland. Derek Carr limps in on a four-game losing streak that killed any hopes of a playoff bid.

Cincinnati jumps on the pile with an inspired effort in what might finally end up being Marvin Lewis’ last home game… and a third straight home win for their fans. (Bengals 24-10)

Week 16: Bengals (3-11) at Browns (4-10)

Cincinnati hopes to avoid the embarrassment of finishing behind the lowly Browns with another win over their division foes.

The Browns have other ideas. It all comes together for Cleveland in their biggest rout in almost five years. (Browns 33-10)

Week 17: Bengals (3-12) at Pittsburgh (8-7)

Pittsburgh has clinched the AFC North despite their subpar record. Falling to 8-8 is not acceptable to Le’Veon Bell and the rest of the Steelers.

Resting their starters for most of the second half holds the score down against an uninspired Bengals team. (Steelers 28-3)

What happens next?

Principal owner and general manager, Mike Brown, fires himself and moves Marvin Lewis into a consultant’s role. Director of Personnel, Duke Tobin, is let go as Brown searches for an experienced NFL executive with a winning record to handle the teams 2019 first-overall draft pick. Andy Dalton is among the players who change teams in the offseason.

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