Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Online

Arizona Cardinals football is back! The Red Sea will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Like most Arizona games, fans looking for the Cardinals vs Redskins live stream feed will find it on FOX Sports Network at 4:25 PM (ET). You will find other Arizona Cardinals live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Arizona Cardinals live stream football games.

There won’t be as many head-scratching quotes and decisions coming out of Arizona this season. Face it. You’ll miss Bruce Arians in a way. But with the Steve Wilks / Josh Rosen era upon us, we might see a lot more good football.  Want to watch the Cardinals online, Get the latest Arizona Cardinals live stream NFL news, scores, stats, standings and more .

But maybe not this year. Arizona has lots of new bodies besides the head coach and quarterback. Only three of their 26 unrestricted free agents were re-signed. This is a total rebuild.

Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Online


Arizona Cardinals Live Stream versus Over-the-air

Cardinals fans living in or around the great state of Arizona might consider buying a good over-the-airwaves television antenna to pick up the signal from FOX, CBS, and NBC.

In fact, since the Cardinals don’t play a Monday Night or Saturday game this season, you can pick up all 16 regular-season games over-the-air.

Before you commit to that though, consider that over-the-air does not always offer as clear a picture as the Cardinals’ live streaming options. You also can not pause, rewind, or DVR any of the games.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $1600, depending on how many cable-like amenities you require in your limited channel selection.

Arizona Cardinals live stream with Sling TV

Sling TV offers a pair of channel packages at $25/month each. One includes FOX, NBC, and the NFL Network. Because of their lack of national audience games, a Cardinals live stream provider that includes FOX will give you access to 15 regular season games in 2018.

The second package offers ESPNfor those who want to live-stream Monday Night Football, too. Sling discounts the total price to $40 per month for those who want both packages.

If you’d like, you can use your $10 savings to add the Sports Extra package, which includes NFL Red Zone and other fun ‘options.

For anyone who pays three months in advance, Sling TV will throw in a free live-streaming device, saving you money if you do not already own one.

Arizona Cardinals live-stream with Fubo TV

If you want to see more than Arizona Cardinals live stream games, Fubo might be a best bet for you. Fubo is a sports-centric live stream provider. You can use Fubo on most streaming devices, as well as your mobile device.

FOX and CBS are included in their $45/month basic plan in Phoenix and other markets. That means you can watch every Arizona Cardinals game live with your Sling TV subscription.

They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can check it out during the preseason. There is no contract required, which means you can cancel your Fubo TV between NFL seasons if you choose.

DirecTV Now also offers Arizona Cardinals live stream

DirecTV Now is the live stream service of the Direct TV satellite television corporation. As part of their contract-free, $40/month plan, Direct TV offers the 15 Cardinals live stream games on FOX.

The plan also includes NBC and ESPN for Sunday and Monday night games. They do not offer CBS.

NFL Sunday Ticket Online offers a new option to students

Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket is the most complete NFL offering on the market. However, it is expensive and requires a two-year contract, plus a satellite dish.

In response to those who cannot use satellite dish, such as people in apartment complexes or college dorms, those looking for Cardinals live stream options can now consider Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket Online.

Sunday Ticket Online lets you follow not only every Arizona Cardinals game live, but every NFL live stream game. It is restricted to the months of the NFL season. Its full cost is $50/month.

If you are a student at one of the hundreds of participating colleges across the United States, you can use this Cardinals live stream option at half the price, only $25 per month.

For that one game… CBS’ All-Access Live Stream

CBS is not included in most major live stream packages. That is probably because they have their own live-stream service. But if you already have FOX on a service provider and only need CBS for one Cardinals game, we have good news.

CBS All Access provides NFL live stream via its live feed option for only $5.99 per month. If you are a fan of NCIS or 60 minutes, you can keep the subscription going as long as you want. But if you just want to watch that one Cardinals game live, you can order one month and then cancel.

In fact, CBS All-Access normally offers a 7-day free trial. If you time things right, you can watch the game for free.

Not in the USA? NFL Game Pass is for you

NFL Game Pass is available in the United States for $99 per year. They allow you to watch every game of the season, as well as archived games from previous seasons, on demand. That means the day after the game happens.

However, if you live overseas or in Mexico, NFL Game Pass shows every game in every time slot, including Arizona Cardinals live stream action. International Game Passcosts slightly more ($125/year) but is still cheaper than most US live stream options.

With your subscription, US and international subscribers also get NFL Red Zone, coaches films, and the NFL Network 24/7.

It’s more than Arizona Cardinals live stream

If you are up in the air over which Arizona Cardinals live stream option to purchase, look at each provider’s other offerings. Most offer a nice collection of entertainment channels as part of the package.

It is also important to verify Fox is available live in your viewing area. Find the channel section on the provider’s website before you commit.

Then kick back in your favorite seat and watch the Arizona Cardinals live stream games without the disturbances and costs involved with sitting in a crowded sports bar, which is our final option.

This is how we see the Arizona Cardinals’ season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Redskins (0-0) at Cardinals (0-0)

Washington comes to the desert with former Chief, Alex Smith, at quarterback. Whether he is an upgrade over Kirk Cousins is in doubt. The Redskins did little to change the roster around him.

Sam Bradford is telling the press that Josh Rosen will be ready to play on opening day. Maybe this is because Bradford is getting backup pay. Or it could be he has concerns about playing behind the suspect offensive line. But we’re betting Josh Rosen is back there and that’s the highlight of the day. (Redskins 20-17)

Week 2: Cardinals (0-1) at Rams (0-1)

The Rams got upset by the Raiders last week. They won’t let that happen in their home opener. Especially with Todd Gurley trying to show people David Johnson isn’t as good as he is.

Rosen spends most of the game giving Johnson a chance to match Gurley. But that’s not going to win many ball games for the Cardinals. (Rams 27-13)

Week 3: Bears (1-1) at Cardinals (0-2)

It’s back to the desert for a date with the Bears and their own young passer, Mitch Trubisky. David Johnson and the Bears’ Jordan Howard handle the bulk of their respective team’s offense.

Neither defense yields much to the run, which makes for a very boring game. But Rosen shows why Bradford thinks he is ready by hitting on a deep ball that spells the difference. (Cardinals 17-10)

Week 4: Seahawks (1-2) at Cardinals (1-2)

It’s time for the kid to grow up. Larry Fitzgerald finds openings in Seattle’s new secondary. Josh Rosen finds Larry Fitzgerald.

Maybe Rosen will convince Fitzgerald to come back for a 16th season. For today, their connection is enough for a win. Arizona fans are excited about their rookie quarterback. (Cardinals 21-14)

Week 5: Cardinals (2-2) at 49ers (2-2)

Jimmy Garoppolo already lost two games more than his fans expected. Josh Rosen already won two more games than his fans expected. Why don’t we just let them go at it?

There will be some very exciting games between these two for years to come. Today, Garoppolo comes out on top for the Niners. (49ers 31-23)

Week 6: Cardinals (2-3) at Vikings (4-1)

Minnesota is chomping at the bit to blitz a rookie quarterback in Week 6. Kirk Cousins comes out firing against the Cardinal defense almost forcing the Cardinals to pass.

The Cardinals resist the temptation and let David Johnson handle things. It is a win just to get Rosen out of Minnesota unscathed. (Vikings 28-6)

Week 7: Broncos (3-3) at Cardinals (2-4)

The Broncos come to town on a short week to play a Thursday night game. Case Keenum is holding his own so far in Denver, but he’s not lighting the town on fire, either.

On a short week, Rosen’s passing will be limited. David Johnson and the defense keep the game close enough to take a shot on a final drive. If there is to a Rosen legend, it will not start tonight. (Broncos 21-17)

Week 8: 49ers (3-4) at Cardinals (2-5)

Jimmy Garoppolo comes to the desert for a rematch of his best win this season. The 49ers are struggling more than anyone expected, but they are ready to take it to the Cardinals.

Wilks lets Rosen come out passing, but this time the 49ers defense is up to the task. Things are not nearly as entertaining the second time around. (49ers 27-14)

Week 9: The Cardinals are on their bye.

Week 10: Cardinals (2-6) at Chiefs (5-3)

Pat Mahomes and Kansas City have won three in a row as they get ready to host the Cardinals. They will make a run at their third consecutive division title.

Arizona comes in off the by with a new quarterback. Well… kind of. Steve Wilks wants Josh Rosen to carry the clipboard for a couple of weeks and take notes on how Bradford handles a tough defense. Kansas City is too tough to provide much of a lesson. (Chiefs 28-10)

Week 11: Raiders (5-4) at Cardinals (2-7)

Oakland comes off a three-game winning streak not sure which quarterback they will face. As a tease, Blaine Gabbert warms up in front of John Gruden; but itis Bradford who takes the first snaps.

This time, Bradford shows a little more positives and poise. Rosen watches the elder statesman throw three touchdown passes, including the game-winner in front of the hometown fans. (Cardinals 21-17)

Week 12: Cardinals (3-7) at Chargers (7-3)

Arizona’s schedule gets difficult the rest of the way out. Rosen is allowed to start the road game against the high-flying Chargers.

Sam Bradford won’t let Rosen sit between possessions. Instead, he makes Rosen watch Philip Rivers closely. It might be the best example he’s seen all year. (Chargers 27-10)

Week 13: Cardinals (3-8) at Packers (8-3)

Rosen gets to play against another veteran passer in Aaron Rodgers. Bradford tells Rosen not to watch Rodgers as he’s likely to get hurt trying to do those things.

David Johnson provides a highlight, but not much else goes the Cardinals way in Green Bay. (Packers 27-7)

Week 14: Lions (7-5) at Cardinals (3-9)

Matt Stafford has the Lions within spitting distance of the Packers and Vikings and in control of the second wild-card slot.

Arizona’s offense shows signs of life behind Johnson’s running and Rosen’s error-free play. But with Matt Patricia at the helm, Detroit has a defense that won’t give in. (Lions 21-18)

Week 15: Cardinals (3-10) at Falcons (8-5)

Atlanta is on a roll after an 0-3 start almost derailed their season. Matt Ryan is determined to play in the Atlanta-hosted Super Bowl in February.

Rosen plays well, but Ryan puts on a passing clinic for the rookie. (Falcons 28-14)

Week 16: Rams (9-5) at Cardinals (3-11)

Another week, another playoff-bound opponent with a hot quarterback. Los Angeles comes into the day just one game ahead of San Francisco for the NFC West lead.

David Johnson has a good game opposite his rival, Todd Gurley, but the Rams have too many weapons for the Cardinals to keep up with. (Rams 24-13)

Week 17: Cardinals (3-12) at Seahawks (4-11)

Rosen comes out with a spread offense and moves the ball well in the first half. Then the Cardinals slow things down.

Wilson takes the game over, running and passing from all over the field. The Seahawks pick up his energy on time to extend the Cardinals’ losing streak to 6.

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What happens next?

Arizona winds up with the second overall draft selection to line up with Rosen and Johnson. The Cardinals quickly become a fashionable pick for a 2019 playoff spot.

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