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Seattle Seahawks football is back! The ‘Hawks will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at Broncos Stadium at Mile High. Like most Seattle games, fans looking for the Seahawks vs Broncos live stream feed will find it on FOX Sports Network at 4:25 PM (ET). You will find other Seattle Seahawks live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Seattle Seahawks live stream football games.

There has been a changing of the guard in the NFC West. With the emergence of the Los Angeles Rams and expectations that Jimmy Garoppolo will never lose a game in San Francisco, the aging Seattle Seahawks have become an afterthought.  Get the NFL Seattle Seahawks live stream online on cable TV Channels ESPN , NFL Network and CBS .

The demise of the Legion of Boom is getting headlines, but the Seahawks were already fatally-flawed team. With the Rams and 49ers rising, and Arizona drafting their franchise quarterback, it makes sense for the Seahawks to change expensive parts for future stars of the second half of Russell Wilson’s career.

Yes, Wilson will be a part of it. As long as he has his health, he is a thrilling and threatening force. Seattle will return to relevance soon enough with Wilson and middle linebacker Bobby Wagner to build around. However, playing the sixth-toughest schedule should temper any expectations for this season.

Seattle Seahawks Live Stream Game


Use Fubo TV to watch Seattle Seahawks live stream games

Most Seattle Seahawks live stream games are available on Fubo TV, a newcomer to the ranks of online television drawing raves from sports fans across the country.

Fubo TV offers NFL live streaming of games shown on CBS, NBC, and the all-important FOX network. Ten Seattle Seahawks live stream games will be available over FOX, while CBS and NBC own rights to two games each.

Despite its focus on sports, Fubo TV does not include ESPN in its channel packages. That means you will have to make alternate plans to watch Monday Night Football games.

Watch Seattle Seahawks live stream games on Sling TV

Sling TV offers a pair of channel groups that include ESPN, Fox, NBC, and the NFL Network. Unfortunately, ESPN is not part of the group that includes the other channels. For that reason, most Sling TV users looking for Seattle Seahawks live stream games buy both packages for a combined cost of $40 per month.

If the Monday Night games are not important to you, you can buy the smaller package for $25/month. Sling TV also offers NFL Red Zone as part of an add-on deal at $10/month.

CBS is not included in the Sling NFL live stream game offerings. We will show you how to add the two CBS games later in this article.

DirecTV Now for Seattle Seahawk live stream games

DirecTV Now is the online streaming service of DirecTV. It can be used on any device with an internet connection and does not require a contract.

For $40/month, you can watch 14 Seattle Seahawks live streamed games via DirecTV Now. The two November games on CBS are not included.

As with most providers, DirecTV Now offers additional entertainment channels. Over 60 are included in the $40 package. Many more are available in premium packages and as add-ons.

PlayStation Vue has Seattle Seahawks live stream games, too

PlayStation Vue is an online streaming service offered by Sony. Despite its name, it does not require a PlayStation console. They offer the NFL Network and ESPN across the country.

After that, it gets tricky. PlayStation Vue is in the middle of negotiations with many local networks. They still offer CBS, FOX, and NBC in many markets, but in just as many, one or more of those channels is missing.

If you want to watch Seattle Seahawks live stream games via PlayStation Vue, you should check with their website to make sure the networks you need, especially FOX, are available in your area. Where they are available, PlayStation Vue is a high-quality service worth their $45/month price tag.

CBS All Access can cover that Seahawks live stream hole

One of the reasons CBS is not widely available over major internet TV services is that the network owns its own. CBS’ All Access shows original content and most CBS-owned programs live or on demand. They also renewed their contract to show Seattle Seahawks live stream games to their customers.

They also offer NFL live stream service for other games, including some playoff contests and the Super Bowl on their All Access program.

If you don’t want to miss a single Seattle Seahawks live-streamed football game this season, you might consider pairing CBS All Access with a service that provides the other channels. At a price of $5.99/month, it is an affordable way to fill in the gap in Seahawks coverage.

Best of all, with no contract needed and both of the Seahawks’ live stream games on CBS scheduled for consecutive weeks, you can wait until November to add CBS All Access and cancel it after just one month.

International fans can watch the Seahawks live stream games, too

NFL Game Pass is a popular service in the United States. It offers on-demand access to every NFL game the day after the game is played and forever after.

NFL Game Pass’ international deal, however, offers Seattle Seahawks live streaming of all 16 games. If you live beyond the borders of the USA, you can watch Seattle Seahawks games live or whenever you want, with NFL Red Zone also at your disposal.

Both US and International subscribers also get to view coaches’ films, condensed time versions of past games, and the NFL Network live 24/7.

Don’t want to live stream? 

Over the airwaves (OTA) is not as popular as online television options, but it is making a bit of a comeback. If you live close enough to receive a signal from Seattle’s FOX, CBS, and NBC affiliates, it might be an option for you.

You will probably lose the ability to DVR games and can’t pause or rewind plays.

But with all the economical ways to watch Seattle Seahawks live stream games, there is little reason to mess with antenna set-ups or expensive cable packages. With minimal research, you can find a service or combination that works well for you.

This is how we see the Seattle Seahawks’ season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Seahawks (0-0) at Broncos (0-0)

Seattle travels to the Mile-High City to help usher in the Case Keenum Era. The former Viking will start feeling pressure soon enough as John Elway keeps insisting he is a better quarterback than Kirk Wilson.

But today, he has receivers who aren’t tired yet and the emotion of a home opener to help him along. Seattle has a tall order to disrupt the Broncos’ good vibes at this point. (Broncos 21-16)

Week 2: Seahawks (0-1) at Bears (0-1)

Chicago opens its home season with a Monday Night affair. They come off a loss to the Packers, still full of hope in Mitchell Trubisky.

But it’s a strong defense and above-average running game that will carry the Bears for now. Bobby Wagner can only cover so much of the field. (Bears 20-10)

Week 3: Cowboys (1-1) at Seahawks (0-2)

Seattle plays America’s Team on short rest to open their home season. The Cowboys come off a satisfying drubbing of the rival Giants.

Seattle’s 12th Man is out in force for the event. The energy sparks some muscle memory between Wilson and Doug Baldwin. It is a feel-good day all around for Seattle. (Seahawks 26-21)

Week 4: Seahawks (1-2) at Cardinals (1-2)

Both teams come off their first win to meet in the desert. Josh Rosen is behind center with Sam Bradford in his ear from the sideline. Larry Fitzgerald is having one of those days when even a raw rookie can’t miss him.

Wilson and Baldwin have considerably less luck against the Cardinal secondary. Seattle lets a winnable game get away from them. (Cardinals 21-14)

Week 5: Rams (2-2) at Seahawks (1-3)

Jarod Goff and Todd Gurley lead the powerful Rams offense to meet the new faces of the Seahawk defense. They will probably remember them after this performance.

The Seahawk’s defense has a game for ages, bottling up the running game and leaving matters in Goff’s hands. Wilson knows how Goff feels running away from pressure all day. Rams defenders take Baldwin out of the game, but the Seattle quarterback finds other options to hand the Rams their third loss of the early season. (Seattle 17-16)

Week 6: Seahawks (2-3) at Raiders (2-3)

John Gruden 2.0 is already having some ups and downs in a rocky start for the Oakland team. Derek Carr still looks for Michael Crabtree because he can’t find Amari Toomer anywhere. Unfortunately, Crabtree plays for Baltimore these days.

Wilson knows he can challenge the Raider corners deep, but it is Brandon Marshall over the middle that does most of the damage in this one. Seattle puts a classic Gruden scowl on the new coach’s face with their second consecutive one-point win. (Seahawks 21-20)

Week 7: The Seahawks are on their bye.

Week 8: Seahawks (3-3) at Lions (4-2)

Seattle fans are excited about their beloved Seahawks and wondering if their post-mortem was written a tad early. But the enthusiasm is about to be diminished.

Detroit takes it to them early in a game never as close as the score. Seattle still can’t find a rushing game, unless you count Wilson running for his life. (Lions 24-13)

Week 9: Chargers (5-2) at Seahawks (3-4)

The Chargers offense is firing on all cylinders with Philip Rivers enjoying a career season. Coming off a bye, the Seahawks defense can’t keep up with them.

Wilson and Baldwin continue to click in an otherwise dismal year for the Seattle offense. They are not enough on this day. (Chargers 28-20)

Week 10: Seahawks (3-5) at Rams (5-4)

Los Angeles’ other team seems to be coming together, too. The Rams come off an exciting shootout victory in New Orleans to face one of the teams that beat them during their early-season woes.

That will not happen again. Seattle can’t handle the Rams defense or offense on this day. Seattle loses its third contest in a row. (Rams 28-10)

Week 11: Packers (7-2) at Seahawks (3-6)

Green Bay is battling with the Vikings for the NFC North title behind an improved defense and a top-five offense. Seattle is a heavy underdog.

But this is a Thursday night game and crazy things happen on Thursday, right? Not this Thursday. Aaron Rodgers is a man on a mission… and the mission rolls on. (Packers 27-7)

Week 12: Seahawks (3-7) at Panthers (8-2)

Remember when we said the Panthers had the sixth-toughest schedule of the season? This is what you might call a difficult stretch. Carolina is handily fending off the Saints and Falcons in the NFC South.

Seattle comes out fighting with a couple of early scores, but the Panthers are just too much in the end. (Panthers 24-14)

Week 13: 49ers (5-6) at Seahawks (3-8)

For a team supposedly ready to take over the NFC West, San Francisco is treading water at the three-quarter point. It turns out Jimmy Garoppolo knows how to lose game after all.

Wilson and Baldwin connect early, and it looks like the Seahawks’ losing streak might come to an end. But with a chance to get back to .500, Garoppolo turns it on in the final quarter to keep the Seahawks spiraling. (49ers 21-17)

Week 14: Vikings (8-2) at Seahawks (3-9)

Minnesota visits for a Monday Night game off two losses to the Patriots and Packers that dropped them into a tie for first with Green Bay. They are desperate for a win.

This is one of those nights when odds don’t matter and common sense goes awry. Maybe the Vikings simply thought they could play a little looser against a lesser team. Wilson takes it to them in front of a frenzied Seattle crowd. (Seahawks 20-14)

Week 15: Seahawks 4-9) at 49ers (7-6)

San Francisco has now won three in a row and find themselves within reach of the NFC West-leading Rams.  Wilson comes out firing in hopes of finding the momentum from their Monday Night football win.

But again, it is Garoppolo with more answers and options as the game goes on. Wilson comes up short in a good one. (49ers 28-24)

Week 16: Chiefs (9-5) at Seahawks (4-10)

Seattle faces another team in need of a win to keep its title hopes alive. Kansas City is one game behind the Chargers and can not afford a loss.

Pat Mahomes and Kareem Hunt take turns torturing the Seahawk defense. Wilson has no magic for that. (Chiefs 27-17)

Week 17: Cardinals (3-12) at Seahawks (4-11)

It’s hard to imagine a team being pleased with a 3-win season, but Josh Rosen has gained valuable experience, and as a bonus, they could land the first or second overall pick in this year’s draft to line up with him.

Seattle could draft anywhere from number three with a loss to as low as eighth with a win. That conversation never comes up in the Seattle clubhouse. (Seahawks 24-14)

What happens next?

Pete Carroll cries when discussing how hard his team fought all season. Then the Seahawks get to work on rebuilding this franchise.

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