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Atlanta Falcons is back! The Dirty Birds will kick off its season on Thursday, Sep 06th at Lincoln Financial Field. Like most Falcons games, fans looking for the Falcons vs Eagles live stream feed will find it on NBC Sports at 8:20 PM (ET). You will find other Atlanta Falcons live streamed games on FOX, CBS, and ESPN during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Atlanta Falcons live stream football games.

Atlanta has a dream. Two seasons after losing to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, and one season after being eliminated by the Eagles in the divisional round, Atlanta wants to win the Super Bowl. Guide to watch NFL Football Atlanta Falcons live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

That’s right. Every team wants to win the Super Bowl. But not every team is hosting the event like the Falcons are this season.

They return a full set of skill player who don’t seem to be losing a step. They enter the second year of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian’s system, so they should be more comfortable. So, why not? Maybe the Falcon will be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Atlanta Falcons Live Streaming


 Atlanta Falcons live stream

With the outrageous cost of cable and satellite television, savvy Atlanta Falcons fans were looking for another way to watch their favorite programs.

With the advent of internet television, many of them cut the cord with their former providers and signed on with companies like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now.

Not only do these internet TV providers provide national networks like AMC, TBS, and the Cooking Network; many provide live stream feeds from local stations, including affiliates of FOX, CBS, and NBC.

That is important to Falcons fans because 15 Atlanta Falcons live stream games will be provided by those networks in 2018.

Here’s how to catch all 16 Atlanta Falcons live stream games, plus much more NFL live stream action, via the internet. Each of the providers listed offer reliable, affordable, and legal streaming of NFL games and much more.

They also allow you to take advantage of free trial periods and require no contracts, making it a safe bet for everybody.

Fubo TV offers Atlanta Falcons live stream action

Fubo TV is a streaming service started by sports fans for sports fans. More than half their 60 channels provide exclusive sports programming. That includes the NFL Network, with their exclusive-rights games and the NFL Red Zone.

In the Atlanta area, you can stream FOX, CBS, and NBC live, who provide 15 Atlanta Falcons live stream games, as part of Fubo TV’s $40/month package.

ESPN is not yet available via Fubo TV. But if you are in the habit of watching MNF outside your home, Fubo TV might be your best bet.

Sling TV has Atlanta Falcons live stream action

Sling TV has two basic packages, which can be combined for a total cost of $40/month. Together, you can receive 14 Atlanta Falcons live stream games via FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

This provider does not offer CBS in any of its markets. However, if you like Sling’s channel offerings, we will present you with an inexpensive way to fill in your schedule of Atlanta Falcons live stream games.

Watch every Atlanta Falcons live stream game on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a subsidiary of the satellite television company known for their popular NFL Sunday Ticket package. Sunday Ticket is not available via their streaming division.

NFL fans also don’t have to pay for extra equipment or lock themselves into a contract to watch all 16 Atlanta Falcons live stream games over CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

With the NFL Network also part of DirecTV Now’s Core package, you will get every local and nationally-televised NFL live stream game.

For the convenience of one-stop shopping, you will pay a slight premium of $55/month. That is higher than most other providers. But with a large list of other entertainment channels available, it is worth the price.

PlayStation Vue has lots of Atlanta Falcons live stream action

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is their entry into the internet television and on-demand market. Despite the name, customers do not need a PlayStation console to use the service. It can be used on any streaming device.

PSV will broadcast all 16 Atlanta Falcons live stream games to fans in and around Georgia. CBS, NBC, and FOX local feeds, along with the national feed of ESPN and NFL Network will provide many other NFL live stream games, too.

Fans outside the Atlanta TV market should check with PlayStation Vue’s website to verify channel availability on their area. Sony has dropped dozens of local stations over the past year.

CBS All Access has 2 Atlanta Falcons live stream games

CBS All Access provides live stream access to all their locally broadcast NFL games, including two Atlanta falcon live stream contests. For just $5.99/month, fans can fill the gap of a company without CBS inexpensively.

CBS also has rights to several playoff games and Super Bowl LIII.

Atlanta Falcons live stream action overseas

NFL Game Pass is a well-known on-demand service in the United States. Fans can watch every game in every market the morning after the game.

Fans outside the United States can get every NFL live stream broadcast, too. With one payment of $125, fans living over the borders can watch all 16 Atlanta Falcons live stream games as they happen.

International fans also get the same access to past gameson-demand for the whole calendar year, as well as the NFL Network.

Everyone can watch Atlanta Falcons live stream action

Network availability varies region-by-region, but with a little internet time, anyone can find a package or combination that works for them.

Current internet TV users or cable/satellite customers with incomplete channel selections can use the more selective NFL live stream providers to capture only the Atlanta Falcons lives stream games you need.

Free trials are a great way to scope out how good the provider’s feed is and what other channels are included. In fact, you might be able to use free trials to capture the few games missing from your internet TV provider’s repertoire at no additional cost.

Whether you are dabbling or already cut the cord, you will agree soon that there is no reason to keep paying for cable or satellite when you can watch all your favorite programs, like the Atlanta Falcons live stream games, for a fraction of the cost.

This is how we see the Atlanta Falcons’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Falcons (0-0) at Eagles (0-0)

Schedule makers won’t make it easy for the Falcons to get a jump on their dream. Playing in the season-opening Thursday night game where the Eagles will unfurl their Super Bowl Championship banner is a tall order.

Emotion alone might be enough for the Eagles on this night. But just in case, they will line up with 18 or 19 of their 2017 starters for another season. (Eagles 24-13)

Week 2: Panthers (1-0) at Falcons (0-1)

One of the two other NFC South teams to make the playoffs last season provides the Falcons with another test in Week 2. Panthers’ coach Ron Rivera has made it clear he expects his team to be the NFC Super Bowl team.

The Panthers back their coach’s words up with a dominant performance in Atlanta. Matt Ryan can’t connect with Julio Jones all game, leading to questions as to whether Steve Sarkisian will ever find a way to properly use his star receiver. (Panthers 24-14)

Week 3: Saints (2-0) at Falcons (0-2)

New Orleans marches in to face their biggest challenge of the early season. When they hear who the Falcons have played already, they laugh.

Matt Ryan shrugs and says, “If we’re going to be champions, we’ll have to beat these three teams eventually.” Today, it won’t happen. Brees opens it up against his division mates while he waits for Mark Ingram’s return. (Saints 27-21)

Week 4: Bengals (0-3) at Falcons (0-3)

If your team faces a must-win scenario in 2018, there are few teams better equipped to help you than the Bengals. There is already rebellion in the airwaves of Cincinnati. Rumors that the offensive coordinators are acting independently of Marvin Lewis are validated by sideline posturing.

Matt Ryan throws ten consecutive passes to Julio Jones before throttling things down out of kindness towards the Bengals. (Falcons 26-7)

Week 5: Falcons (1-3) at Steelers (3-1)

After the Bengals game, Dan Quinn says it is good to past the hard part of their schedule and start winning some easy games. The quote finds it way to the Steelers’ locker room. More colorful quotes land on banners and signs ready for the Falcons arrival.

After the Falcons withstand the Steelers attack and walk away with the victory, Quinn shrugs at the crowd lining the tunnel entrance and says, “told ya!”

Week 6: Buccaneers (0-4) at Falcons (2-3)

Tampa Bay is unimpressed with Atlanta’s early schedule woes. They are wrapping up a five-game stretch of four playoff teams and the Bears in Chicago.

Tampa plays their best game of the season, but Julio Jones has a touchdown for the third consecutive game and Devonta Freeman does the rest.  (Falcons 20-14)

Week 7: Giants (2-4) at Falcons (3-3)

Eli Manning and the Giants are facing their fifth playoff team in seven games, too. But a little luck and a potent offensive attack salvaged a pair of upsets so far. Maybe they can have more luck in front of a Monday Night Football crowd.

Atlanta takes advantage of the Giants uncertain defense to put up points. But not as many as Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham put up on the Falcon defense. (Giants 27-24)

Week 8: The Falcons are on their bye week.

Week 9: Falcons (3-4) at Redskins (2-5)

Alex Smith is having a rough time of things on the field and over the airwaves in Washington. The Redskins are coming off a rare win versus the Giants in Week 8. Little else has been going right.

Atlanta had a series of team meetings and events to clear the air and calm down after their rocky start to the season. A relaxed Matt Ryan guides his arsenal through the Redskins defense with ease. (Atlanta 28- 17)

Week 10: Falcons (4-4) at Browns (3-6)

At one point, Cleveland was 3-3. After three losses, they are in a foul mood for the Falcons’ game. Coach Quinn warns his players the Browns are a different team than recent seasons.

Sure enough, Cleveland takes away the Falcons’ passing game and has the Falcons on their heels throughout the game. But Atlanta recovers in time behind the running tandem of Freeman and Tarik Coleman to salvage a victory. (Falcons 19-17)

Week 11: Cowboys (4-5) at Falcons (5-4)

It was a close call in Cleveland, but the Falcons are finally above .500. Dallas is coming off a tough loss to the Eagles to face another playoff contender.

Ryan enjoys one of his best passing games of the season in leading the Falcons to an easy win. (Falcons 27-10)

Week 12: Falcons (6-4) at Saints (7-3)

Atlanta travels to the big easy for a Sunday night rematch with the Saints. Matt Ryan is reminded of his quote before the first game. Quinn calls the matchup a playoff game.

Eachteams throws their entire arsenal of rushes, passes, and tricks at each other. In a very entertaining contest, Ryan and the Falcons find just enough points to secure the much-needed victory. (Falcons 28-24)

Week 13: Ravens (6-5) at Falcons (7-4)

Baltimore survived a five-game losing streak to bounce back into the AFC North division race. The Ravens are mixing up their offense well and look primed to return to the playoffs.

But Atlanta isn’t ready to slow their own march to the playoffs. Both offenses make big plays, but it is a big stop by the Falcon defense that keeps Atlanta rolling. (Falcons 24-21)

Week 14: Falcons (8-4) at Packers (9-3)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are rolling along but can’t shake the Vikings in the race for the NFC North. They need to win to stay in first place.

Ryan has his Falcons even with the Saints and just a game behind the Panthers. He has no intention of losing either. But regardless of his intentions, another good offensive show falls short of another Rodgers miracle. (Packers 27-24)

Week 15: Cardinals (3-10) at Falcons (8-5)

New Orleans and Carolina are complaining about their season-ending schedule, which includes two games against each other and a third against a playoff contender.

Atlanta chuckles and takes care of business against the rebuilding Cardinals. (Falcons 28-14)

Week 16: Falcons (9-5) at Panthers (10-4)

Playoffs start early for the Falcons. With only one game left, a loss to the Panthers could end their season. On the other hand, they could be in first place by tiebreakers if they win and the Saints lose to the Steelers.

The game is in the quarterbacks’ hand as rushing lanes have been closed. Atlanta’s defense makes the Panthers settle for two early field goals and that sets up Ryan for late-game heroics. There is no need to go for two. (Falcons 21-20)

Week 17: Falcons (10-5) at Buccaneers (5-10)

The Saints, Panthers, and Falcons are each 10-5. While the other two contenders play each other, the Falcons draw the 5-10 Buccaneers. If the Falcons win, they are in the playoffs. If they lose, they need help.

Winning is the preferred method. They thank the football gods for giving them the easier path. What they don’t seem to pay attention to is that the Buccaneers already beat the Saints and Panthers over the past three weeks. Sure enough… (Buccaneers 20-16)

What happens next?

For the second season in a row, the Falcons secure the second wild-card spot with a 10-6 record. Their projected path to the Super Bowl will be longer than they wished, but they are still alive. And it starts in New Orleans against the Saints.


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