Buffalo Bills game-by-game predictions: NFL Season 2018

Now that the entire 2018 schedule of Buffalo Bills is out, it is time to look at the Buffalo Bills game by game predictions. Even though a lot can change by the time, the 1st game commences but there are a few reasonable expectations from Bills which are factored in our game by game predictions below.


Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens, September 9, 2018

In the past 3 seasons, twice Bills have started their journey in Baltimore. In the year 2017, Bills successfully defeated Ravens in the week 17 game. Bills were able to progress to the playoffs by defeating the Ravens. This time as well, it looks like Bills will stun the Ravens in the week 1 Buffalo game.

Prediction: Win

Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers, September 16, 2018

Chargers were much more superior as compared to the Bills in the last season. It looks like this season could be the same unless the Bills finally find a way to halt the consistent pass rush of the Chargers.

Prediction: Loss

Week 3: Buffalo Bills vs Minnesota Vikings, September 23, 2018

Even though, the Minnesota Vikings look like a formidable team after the addition of the Kirk cousins but still, Bills are capable of producing an upset. The Kirk cousins do not make the Vikings undefeatable team. It could be a shining victory for the Bills.

Prediction: Win

Week 4: Buffalo Bills vs Green Bay Packers, September 30, 2018

The memory of the 34-7 loss in 2010 will be still present in the mind of most of the Buffalo supporters. Even though, this time around the quarterback might be better but there might not be a change in the end result.

Prediction: Loss

Buffalo Bills game-by-game predictions

Week 5: Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans, October 7, 2018

This is the game where Bills return home. The Buffalo team will be able to easily thwart the rising quarterback of the Titans to not only keep Bills game close enough but also win it.

Prediction: Win

Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans, October 14, 2018

The Bills meet the Houston Texans earlier in the league. The Bills also have a first-round quarterback which will stack up pretty well against Deshaun Watson. Moreover, an inconsistent Watson can sure work in the favor of the Buffalo and can result in a win for them.

Prediction: Win

Week 7: Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts, October 21, 2018

Bills certainly have the upper hand here. Even though the Colts can be considered as a wildcard but on paper, the Bills appear stronger which might help them clinch the game.

Prediction: Win

Week 8: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots, October 29, 2018

One thing is for sure, no matter which way this game goes, Boston will remain shut for Monday. This is the 1st game which Buffalo are hosting on a Monday night since 2008. However, it will not be an easy game for the Bills. They will be stacked up against defending AFC champs and therefore, might not be able to defeat them.

Prediction: Loss

Week 9: Buffalo Bills vs Chicago Bears, November 11, 2018

The Buffalo can surely clinch this game but all will depend on Mitchell Trubisky and how much he is able to achieve in the 2nd season. The Bills will once again have a home advantage in this game which should hand them an easy win.

Prediction: Win

Week 10: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets, November 11, 2018

Even though Bills might be struggling with the rookie quarterback but they can make a game out of this. Historically, Bills have struggled in New York. This time around, however, they will have the bye week insight which can help them get the game on their side.

Prediction: Win

Week 11: Bye week

The Buffalo players seem to be getting the bye week much later in the tournament. However, the resting period will not hurt them.

Week 12: Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars, November 25, 2018

Jacksonville Jaguars simply have too strong defense for the Buffalo to make any kind of dent. Moreover, it might be an easy win for Doug Marrone when he returns to the New Era field. This is where the real strength of the Bills quarterback might be needed. Even after that, it will be really difficult for them to clinch the game.

Prediction: Loss

Week 13: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins, December 2, 2018

As things stand, the Buffalo are in a much better position as compared to Miami Dolphins. The players who were removed from the Miami Dolphins unit will hurt them especially in this particular game. This is where the Miami Dolphins might have to pay a shorter term price for the changes in the team.

Prediction: Win

Week 14: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets, December 9, 2018

By this time in the tournament, the New York Jets would have finally gotten their game together. The young players of the Jets can easily play defensive in order to win the game. Even though the Bills might be able to cause some trouble but eventually, the New York Jets will be able to clinch a win.

Prediction: Loss

Week 15: Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions, December 16, 2018

Detroit Lions might look like the underdog on paper but they have a pretty strong defense. They could surely surprise the other teams. Matthew Stafford might very well turn the game on its head. With such strong defense, it will be very difficult for the Buffalo to defeat the Detroit Lions.

Prediction: Loss

Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots, December 23, 2018

The record on paper here is not on the side of the Buffalo Bills. In the past 18 seasons, Bills have just defeated Patriots in 4 instances. Besides that, Patriots are a team which can perform deep into the season. For these 2 reasons combined, the Bills can actually find it very difficult to manage a win here.

Prediction: Loss

Week 17: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins, December 30, 2018

The end of the tournament might be the perfect tripping time for Miami Dolphins. Besides that, Bills have upper hand here in terms of the strength on paper. They might finally end the tournament with a win. Thus, this game could well go to the Bills.

Prediction: Win

Season prediction: 9-7

The main focus point in the season will be the quarterback of Buffalo. If the rookie quarterback of the Bills steps up-to-the-task, the winning tally moves further north. However, there is a significant chance that they might be able to outperform as compared to 2017. Also, the rest of the teams in the AFC are also not at their strongest which might work out in the favor of the Bills. With a score of 9-7, they might be able to get into the playoffs as well if a few things go their way. It seems like, they will be improving on their tally of last year.

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