Buffalo Bills NFL Live Stream, Predictions and Analysis

Buffalo Bills football is back! Bills will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at M&T Bank Stadium. Like most Buffalo games, fans looking for the Bills vs Ravens live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports at 1:00 PM (ET). You will find other Buffalo Bills live streamed games on NBC (3), FOX (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Buffalo Bills live stream football games.

Buffalo surprised their fans with a playoff appearance and winning record in 2017. With a brutal early-season schedule and unexpected roster issues, they should not expect the party to continue. Love to watch Buffalo Bills Live Stream online then visit NFL TV Pass and get everything in details.

We will know by the end of the year whether former Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was holding the team back or buying them extra wins soon enough. Taylor will ply his wares in Cleveland, while Buffalo hopes that AJ McCarron is this season’s Jimmy Garoppolo. With LeSean McCoy and an above-average defense around him, the Buffalo quarterback doesn’t have to be Aaron Rodgers.

But Buffalo is already hedging their bets. As rumors swirl that Nathan “Picked-off” Peterman might win the job behind an undermanned offensive front, we wonder if the Bills will win more games than Taylor’s Browns in 2018.

Buffalo Bills Live Stream


What will 2018 bring?

Can the offense do enough to let their defense win games? Nobody knows. That is why they play the games. It is also why loyal Buffalo Bills fans will want to watch every down of every game in 2018.

With cable television packages getting more expensive and upstate snow storms affecting over the air reception, there is no better way to watch every Buffalo Bills game live than with an internet television provider.

The options listed below provide quality service, high-definition video, and reliability. These are legitimate, legal companies, not hackers stealing the NFL’s feeds. Pick one company or a combination with confidence, and enjoy every Buffalo Bills live stream game from the warm confines of your home.

CBS All Access for most Buffalo Bills live stream games

Buffalo’s surprising season didn’t prompt schedulers to make them part of many primetime contests. There is only one Monday Night event on the calendar, a date with New England in Orchard Park on October 29.

All but one other game (December 16 versus Detroit) will be broadcast by CBS. That means 14 Buffalo Bills live stream games are available on CBS All Access, the least expensive online provider with NFL games.

For 5.99 per month, you will also be able to view other Sunday afternoon games, some playoff games,and this year’s Super Bowl. CBS All Access is the best deal for Buffalo Bills live stream.

Watch Buffalo Bills live stream games on Fubo TV

Fubo TV also carries CBS in many areas, along with FOX and NBC. Fubo was started by sports fans for sports fans. More than half their channels are full-time sports networks.

But they don’t have ESPN yet. While you can enjoy 15 Buffalo Bills live stream games and almost every other NFL live stream offering over Fubo TV, you are going to miss the Monday Night Game.

If you don’t mind watching the Patriots game in a friend’s home or your favorite sports drinking establishment, Fubo is a great option for watching Buffalo Bills live stream games.

They offer 60 other channels in between games, making their $45/month price tag worth the expense.

Watch Buffalo Bills live stream games on Sling TV

Sling TV offers NFL live stream over FOX, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network for $40/month. You can also take a half-package without ESPN for $25.

Combined with CBS All Access, this offers one of the most complete Buffalo Bills live stream options. Sling enjoys an excellent reputation as a customer-friendly service. They also throw in an internet television box to anyone who prepays for three months of Buffalo Bills live stream opportunities.

DirecTV Now lets you watch Buffalo Bills live stream

FOX, NBC, and ESPN broadcasts can be live streamed via DirecTV Now, the online offering from the parent company, DirecTV. There is no contract required for this service.

In combination with the CBS offering, you can watch all 16 Buffalo Bills live streamed games with DirecTV Now.

For the $40/month plan, you can also enjoy an array of entertainment channels.

Sunday Ticket Online offers NFL live streaming

Many football fans have heard of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket satellite TV package. It requires a two-year commitment and an assortment of equipment to receive what is generally considered the best NFL experience on television.

But there are NFL fans unable to use satellite dishes because local rules or conditions don’t allow it. People who live in some apartment buildings and dorms make up a good portion of that group.

For those fans, DirecTV Now offers the Sunday Ticket games online. It costs about $200 for the season ($50/month). Besides watching Buffalo Bills live stream games, you can watch any other NFL live stream game, too.

Students at hundreds of select colleges and universities could be eligible for a 50% discount on the Sunday Ticket Online price. It is worth checking with DirecTV to see if you are eligible for what would be the complete Buffalo Bills live stream package.

Watching from Canada? Buffalo Bills live stream on NFL Game Pass

NFL fans who live overseas or among our neighbors to the north can take advantage of NFL Game Pass’ international membership. While Game Pass offers on-demand service in the USA, viewers outside the country can watch every Buffalo Bills live stream game as it happens.

In fact, they can watch every NFL live stream game. You can flip between livestreaming NFL games, watch commercial-free replays the next day, and take advantage of the NFL Network to keep up on NFL news all year long. NFL Red Zone is also part of the package, which cost $125 per year.

US residents can pay $99 annually to watch any game the next day, as well as archived games from earlier in the season or even last year. But to watch the Buffalo Bills live stream feeds via NFL Game Pass, you must cross the border.

But wait! There’s more.

Each of these providers offers a free trial period of between five and seven days. So say you only care about watching Buffalo bills live stream games and don’t mind missing the NFL live stream games on FOX, NBC, or ESPN.

You could pay a provider offering CBS and watch 14 Buffalo Bills live stream games. Then you could take advantage of a provider’s free trial time to catch the ESPN game and another provider’s free trial to watch the FOX game. Not that I would suggest anything so devious.

There is a way to watch every Buffalo Bills live stream game if you just take a few minutes to research your choices. Before you commit to anything, verify that the necessary channels are still available in your viewing area.

Then sit back and let the snow pile up while you watch your Buffalo Bills live stream.

This is how we see the Buffalo Bills’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Bills (0-0) at Ravens (0-0)

Last season’s playoff appearance seemed more unlikely after an uninspired opening day performance in Baltimore. Taylor threw for only 111 yards and LeSean McCoy never got going. The Bills return to the scene of that debacle.

Baltimore appears to have added an offense to their repertoire for 2018. This could look even uglier than their 2017 opener. (Ravens 24-10)

Week 2: Chargers (1-0) at Bills (0-1)

Nathan Peterman threw his five interceptions against the Chargers last season in one of the worst losses in Bills history. The final was 54-24 in Los Angeles.

It would be something to watch if Peterman is starting again in Week 2. It is not likely we will see a repeat of last season’s carnage; but it’s not likely we will see a Bills victory, either. (Chargers 28-13)

Week 3: Bills (0-2) at Vikings (2-0)

Bills’ general manager, Brandon Beane, explained in the offseason that he did not think his team was “close enough” to warrant spending a fortune on quarterback Kirk Cousins. He said teams needing only a quarterback to get over the hump would grossly overspend.

Minnesota proved him right. That doesn’t make it any easier on the Bills fans who can only wonder what it would be like to have a franchise quarterback on the field. How long before they start chanting for rookie Josh Rosen? (Vikings 27-6)

Week 4: Bills (0-3) at Packers (2-1)

You might have noticed that the schedule makers did the Bills no favors over the first four games. Aaron Rodgers is back, and he is enjoying the Packers’ third-place schedule. Only a shootout loss to the Vikings blemishes his early returns.

Bills fans continue to dream about a franchise quarterback. By the way… the Browns won a game last week. Tyrod Taylor is the fifth-ranked fantasy quarterback in the league going into in Week 4. (Packers 31-21)

Week 5: Titans (2-2) at Bills (0-4)

Tennessee is coming off two games against the Jaguars and Eagles. They expect a relatively easy time of things in Buffalo this week.

Alas, you can’t lose them all. LeSean McCoy goes off against the Titans run defense and makes Bills fans forget about the quarterback for a while. (Bills 21-17)

Week 6: Bills (1-4) at Texans (3-2)

Houston is on a roll after an 0-2 start. The Bills do well to hold Deshaun Watson under 300 yards in front of the Texans’ home crowd.

But AJ McCarron (or Nathan Peterman) can barely hand the ball off to McCoy before the Texan defense gets a hold on him. It spells another long day for the Bills. (Houston 24-12)

Week 7: Bills (1-5) at Colts (2-4)

Buffalo wanders into a city with its own quarterback controversy. Andrew Luck is struggling to regain his form behind what is still an awful offensive line. Fans are clamoring for Jacoby Brissett to step back in.

Even a damaged franchise quarterback is better than career backups. The Colts go all-in on stopping the running game and the Bills passers can’t take advantage of it. The Bills lose the most winnable game on the first half of their schedule. (Colts 17-14)

Week 8: Patriots (5-2) at Bills (1-6)

Buffalo fans aren’t letting a 1-6 record get in the way of their first Monday Night Football appearance in ten years. They leave work early to assure sufficient tail-gaiting time and a proper reception forTom Brady and company.

LeSean McCoy gets 40 touches and the defense makes it a game, but the Patriots are too much for this season’s Bills. We’re treated to great visuals from the Monday Night Football crew, but it’s another loss for the home team. (Patriots 24-19)

Week 9: Bears (3-4) at Bills (1-7)

Chicago shuffles into Buffalo off a bad loss to the Jets. They are determined not to lose to another mediocre (or bad) AFC East team this week.

Both teams boast solid defenses and a strong featured runner. Mitch Trubisky isn’t doing much better than the Buffalo quarterbacks, but he is doing well enough to bring the Bears back to .500. Josh Allen chants are getting louder in Orchard Park. (Bears 21-17)

Week 10: Bills (1-8) at Jets (3-6)

New York is surprised there is another team with more issues than they have. Both defenses are determined to win another game going into their bye weeks.

Bills fans learn that their Jets counterparts yell “Sam Darnold” louder than they can yell “Josh Allen”. Perhaps it is just the acoustics at MetLife Stadium. In an ugly defensive battle, the Jets pull out a meager victory. (Jets 13-10)

Week 11 – the Bills are on their bye week.

Week 12: Jaguars (7-3) at Bills (1-9)

Bills fans come out to find a new body in the offensive backfield, but it isn’t the franchise quarterback they yearn for. Instead, it is former Jaguar, Chris Ivory, lining up next to and in front of LeSean McCoy in a new two-back look.

Buffalo moves the ball against the stout Jacksonville defense, but punching it into the end zone proves difficult. A valiant effort in front of a frenzied crowd goes for naught as Blake Bortles does just enough to stop the upset bid. (Jaguars 22-16)

Week 13: Bills (1-10) at Dolphins (4-7)

Buffalo activates Josh Rosen for this game behind McCarron. Perhaps that is the motivation McCarron needed.

Continuing with the two-back running attack, McCarron has the best game of the season for any Buffalo quarterback. There is new life in Buffalo. (Bills 31-13)

Week 14: Jets (4-8) at Bills (2-10)

Alas, rumors of a Bills quarterback solution are unfounded. The Bills come home and lay an egg against the rival Jets. Things get testy, proving the Bills still have some heart. But the Bills can’t beat the Jets. The Jets can’t beat the Dolphins. The Dolphins can’t beat the Bills.

This assures the Patriots the only winning record in the AFC East. (Jets 20-10)

Week 15: Lions (8-5) at Bills (2-11)

Detroit comes into a chilly Buffalo sitting in a wild card spot. They face Minnesota and Green Bay in the final two weeks and need a victory over lowly Buffalo to help secure their post-season bid.

In a consummate trap game for the Lions, Buffalo’s running game takes over. McCoy and Ivory help Buffalo control the clock and the defense comes up big when it needs to. Detroit’s playoff hopes take a blow in one of the season’s biggest upsets. (Buffalo 24-20)

Week 16: Bills (3-11) at Patriots (10-4)

It’s tough to maintain momentum when you have to face an angry and injured Tom Brady in a must-win game for the Patriots.

Brady and Belichick might remember some of the Bills fans’ Week 8 Monday Night taunts and banners as they run up the score with Brian Hoyer playing the second half. (Patriots 35-0)

Week 17 Dolphins (4-11) at Bills (3-12)

Neither team seems very interested in winning this game, but you would have to be really, really disinterested to lose to the Dolphins at this point.

LeSean McCoy somehow tops 1,000 yards for the season and helps usher out the Adam Gase era in Miami at the same time. (Bills 16-10) .

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What happens next?

The Pegula family, who own the Bills, have shown enough patience over the years to think that Sean McDermott and his staff will be back next season. With another offseason to rebuild their offensive line and find a wide receiver, Buffalo should be closer to the 2017 version than this year’s disaster before their next opening day.

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