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Bill Belichick is nervous. You know how you can tell? He is already passively complaining about the shortened pre-season training regimen. The Patriots invited Christian Hackenberg for a cup of coffee last month. When they released him, Belichick told the media it was a shame there is no time to develop talent anymore due to the contractual restrictions of the collective bargaining agreement. New England Patriots live stream online on NFL game pass website and cable TV Channels CBS, NBC & ESPN.

The Pats will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th  at Gillette Stadium. Like most New England games, fans looking for the Patriots vs Texans live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports at 1:00 PM (ET). You will find other New England Patriots live streamed games on NBC (3), FOX(2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of New England Patriots live stream football games.

After losing a classic Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles, there is the potential for a letdown. The defense has a new coordinator. The offense has lost key players. Belichick’s two biggest stars are creating distractions through the Press by skipping workouts and talking about retirement.

It’s almost like he agrees with me that the Patriots will not win as many games this season as last. At the very least, he is limiting expectations for the 2018 season. So how bad will it be? It won’t. It never is in New England, even when they say it is.

New England Patriots live stream free


Watch New England Patriots live stream on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a sports-centric online television provider with excellent service and quality. You can watch New England Patriots live stream games over CBS, NBC, and FOX in much of New England.

As usual, most Patriots live stream games will be hosted by CBS (10 games). There are three Sunday Night Football games on NBC and two more games on FOX.

New England plays one Monday night game on ESPN, which is not included in the Fubo TV package. Fubo offers the most complete season of New England Patriots live stream games in the USA, with one limited exception.

At $45 per month and no obligation to carry the service after the season, it might be worth your while to watch the Monday night game at a friend’s house.

CBS All Access for ten Patriots live stream games

The key to finding a good internet television provider is variety of available channels. That’s what makes CBS’ venture into live streaming so challenging.

You will be able to catch the ten New England Patriots live stream games hosted by CBS, as well as some playoff games and the Super Bowl via CBS All Access. However, you will need another NFL live stream provider to find the other six games.

With a price of $5.99 per month, many fans might be satisfied with those ten games. Others might find combining another site listed below with CBS All Access can form a complete package of New England Patriots live stream offerings.

Sling TV has some New England Patriots live stream games

Fans can watch New England live stream games on NBC, FOX, and ESPN with Sling TV’s basic packages. With a unique dual package lineup, you can pick up all these channels (and about 45 more) for $40/month. If you don’t plan on watching Monday Night Football in your home, you can basically drop ESPN and save $15.

CBS is not included with Sling TV. If only there was an inexpensive way to get CBS’ games along with Sling TV’s New England Patriot live stream offerings.

Sling TV also includes the NFL Network, so you can watch NFL highlights and news all week long. For an additional $10 per month, you can add on their Sports Extra package, which includes NFL Red Zone.

New England Patriots live stream on DirecTV Now

DirecTV’s Sunday ticket is the most complete NFL offering available, but it comes at a price. Besides a costly two-year contract, there is equipment to be purchased and maintained.

DirecTV Now is their online television streaming service. You can use it to watch New England Patriots live stream games on FOX, NBC, and ESPN. You would need to add a CBS option to the $40/month cost of basic DirecTV now. There is no contract with this service, so you can cancel right after the season.

Sunday Ticket Online might work for students

DirecTV started an online version of the popular NFL Sunday Ticket package specifically for NFL fans who are restricted from using satellite dishes. This includes some people who live in apartments or dorms.

For $50 a month (or around $200/season), you can watch NFL live stream games on your computer or mobile device if you qualify. Better yet, if you are a student living in a dorm at one of hundreds of qualified colleges or universities, DirecTV will cut that price in half.

Every single New England live streamed game is available over Sunday Ticket. It is worth checking their website to see if you qualify.

NFL Game Pass for international fans

NFL Game Pass does not show New England Patriots live streaming games in the United States. It is primarily an on-demand service.

However, NFL Game Pass’ international customers get to watch all 16 Patriots games live. In fact, you can watch every NFL live stream game every week.

The $125 annual fee also includes access to archived games from the current and past seasons, NFL Red Zone, coaches’ film views, and the NFL Network.

Can you stream over the air?

Over-the-air television antennas are making a bit of a comeback but offer several drawbacks compared to watching New England Patriots live stream games via the internet.

For example, unless you plan on spending a large amount of money on a top-of-the-line antenna system, you will probably lose the ability to pause, rewind, and DVR games.

In parts of New England, the challenge of antenna television is more difficult than in Boston proper. The antenna must be close enough to the local broadcaster to pick up the signal. But in the farther reaches of New England’s fan zone, one “local” broadcaster might be in Albany, NY. Another might be in Springfield, Ma while the third is in Montpelier, Vt.

We highly recommend using an NFL live stream provider instead. Before you choose a company to provide New England Patriots live stream football, check their website to verify what channels are available to you.

This is how we see the New England Patriots’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Texans (0-0) at Patriots (0-0)

Remember last season when the Kansas City Chiefs rolled into Foxboro and flattened everybody in their path? Who knew Alex Smith could throw long?

This will look a bit like that, except that Tom Brady will not let the Texans walk away with a victory. Brady and his receiving corps will match the Texans’ catch for catch and score for score. Look for New England to put 30 points up against the vaunted Houston defense and escape with a victory. (Patriots 31-27)

Week 2: Patriots (1-0) at Jaguars (0-1)

When you look past a rebuilding team because the team that beat you in the championship game is coming to your house next week, you better win next week.

New England runs into a buzzsawafter Jacksonville turns Tom Coughlin all shades of red in an opening day loss to the Giants. Brady spends a good portion of this game on the ground, often throwing himself there to avoid contact. (Jaguars 23-17)

Week 3: Patriots (1-1) at Lions (1-1)

Both teams come off losses, but Detroit’s Matthew Stafford isn’t fielding questions about his health like Brady is after the brutal result in Jacksonville.

Brady looks fine, but Stafford comes up with another classic last-quarter claw-back to give the Lions a close victory. Detroit’s new head coach, Matt Patricia, is happy he is on the opposing sideline as Belichick directs hole-burning stares at his new defensive coordinator. (Lions 28-27)

Week 4: Dolphins (2-1) at Patriots (1-2)

Going into Week 4, the Jets and Bills are winless, meaning Miami’s 2-1 record is good for first place in the AFC East. By the end of this game, Miami and first place will no longer be mentioned in the same sentence.

New England takes out their frustrations on an overmatched Dolphin squad. The result isn’t pretty… unless you root for New England. (Patriots 31-3)

Week 5: Colts (2-2) at the Patriots (2-2)

Like the Dolphins, the Colts teased their fanbase by beating a couple of bad teams to start their season. After today, the Colts and “a .500 record” will no longer be mentioned in the same sentence.

This Thursday night game will limit the Patriots game plan, sparing Indianapolis from further pain. The Patriots go run-heavy, with Sean Gillislee and Rex Burkhead each topping 100 yards. (Patriots 28-17)

Week 6: Chiefs (2-3) at Patriots (3-2)

New England plays its third consecutive home game in a primetime Sunday night affair. Kansas City returns to the scene of their 2017 coming out party when they rolled over the Patriots in convincing fashion.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are determined to erase all memories of that opening day embarrassment. Brady accounts for four touchdowns and all appears well in Patriots-land. (Patriots 31-17)

Week 7: Patriots (4-2) at the Bears (3-2)

Chicago is coming off two easy victories in Florida surrounding their Week 5 Bye to host the Patriots in the Windy City. This is only the second time Brady plays in Chicago. His first game was in 2006 in bitter cold and wind. He had one of his best games in a 26-7 victory.

This won’t be as great, as a stout Bears defense slows down the Patriots’ offense. Chicago’s Mitch Trubisky can’t do enough to make their effort a winning one. (Patriots 20-13)

Week 8: Patriots (5-2) at the Bills (1-6)

Monday night madness returns to Buffalo for the first time since 2008. With the rival Patriots serving as the opponent, fans will ignore the Bills’ record and dream of a classic Bills’ upset.

Unfortunately, the Bills already realize AJ McCarron is not Jimmy Garoppolo. Nathan Peterman isn’t even Jacoby Brissett.Chants of “Josh Allen” have begun, but he won’t be fed to the wolves in red, white, and blue this week. LeSean McCoy can only do so much against a stacked front. The Bills defense makes it a game, but the outcome is never in doubt. (Patriots 24-19)

Week 9: Packers (5-2) at Patriots (6-2)

Arguably, the two best quarterbacks in the game face off in Week 9’s Sunday Night Football contest.The Packers’ defense held up well the past two weeks against the explosive offenses of the Rams and 49ers. They are ready for Tom Brady.

New England’s defense doesn’t lay down against Aaron Rodgers, but Green Bay’s unit is a tad better today. Despite the highest over-under betting line of the season, the Packers win in a relatively low-scoring affair. (Packers 26-16)

Week 10: Patriots (6-3) at Titans (3-5)

Marcus Mariota and the Titans are having a tough time of things in Tennessee. They come in having lost five of their last six games after a 2-0 start. Teams are clamping down on Devin Funchess and Mariota can’t connect with his other receivers.

New England is cranky after their latest loss and can smell the bye week coming. Brady throws 14 passes as the Patriots running game controls the field. New England cruises to another victory. (Patriots 24-10)

Week 11: Patriots’ Bye Week

Week 12: Patriots (7-3) at Jets (4-6)

Both Bill Belichick and Todd Bowles are bringing their teams back from a bye week. Only one of them sports a 13-5 record in that situation, and it isn’t Bowles. What Bowles does have is a rabid fan base clamoring for rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold, to move in behind center.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady spent the bye doing Math and knows he might have to run the table to protect home field advantage in the playoffs. The Jets barely put up a fight. (Patriots 41-3)

Week 13: Vikings (9-2) at Patriots (8-3)

Kirk Cousins is piling up statistics again with his new cast of characters in Minnesota, and the offense isn’t even their better unit. The Vikings are rolling through the NFC

But Belichick and Brady don’t like seeing another team sporta better won-loss record than their Patriots. Bradyknocks the Vikings and their top-ranked defense down a peg with a vintage Brady performance. (Patriots 33-20)

Week 14: Patriots (9-3) at Dolphins (4-8)

There was a reason why I said earlier that “Dolphins” and “first-place” would never appear in the same sentence again. Oh, wait. I just did that, didn’t I?

By Week 14, the Dolphins are reeling, and the Patriots are rolling. That spells misery for Miami fans. Brady barely breaks a sweat in an easy victory. (Patriots 23-9)

Week 15: Patriots (10-3) at Steelers (7-6)

Pittsburgh sits in first place in the AFC North, but their mediocre record does not prompt folks to buy playoff tickets. While the Patriots look ready and anxious to start the post-season, the Steelers worry they mightmiss the playoffs altogether.

That’s why they play the game. Brady and the Patriots literally fall back to earth under a crushing defensive effort from Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger does just enough to keep Pittsburgh in first place in the AFC North. (Steelers 17-10)

Week 16: Bills (3-11) at Patriots (10-4)

After getting bullied around in Pittsburgh, Brady sits out practice amid speculation he is hurt. But he starts the game against the Bills and comes out throwing.

The game is over at halftime, for the Bills,and for Brady. Brian Hoyer spends most of the second half handing the ball off to a variety of running backs in an easy victory. (Patriots 35-0)

Week 17: Jets (5-10) at Patriots (11-4)

Rumors and speculation rule the airwaves as Tom Brady skips practice again with the Patriots needing a victory in Week 17 to have any chance at securing the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Patriots jump out to a 14-3 halftime lead and Brady cedes the field to Hoyer. The Jets’ defense comes alive. Midway through the fourth quarter, the Jets are in control. Brady pleads with Belichick to put him back into the game. Belichick wisely holds him out and the Jets hold on for the win. (Jets 20-14).

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What happens next?

New England winds up with the third seed and has to host the Texans in a Wild Card game. How far they go is anyone’s guess… and another article.

The relationship between Brady and Belichick will be discussed throughout the playoffs and into next year because of the theatrics on the sideline during the Jets game.

That’s what passes for “bad times” in New England.

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