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Dallas Cowboys football is back! America’s team will kick off its season on Sunday, September 9 at North Carolina stadium. Like most Dallas games, fans looking for the Panthers vs. Cowboys live stream feed will find it on Fox Sports at 4:25 (ET). You will find other Dallas Cowboys live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Dallas Cowboys live stream football games.

Nine wins wasn’t enough for the Cowboys to join the NFC playoff party last season. The question coming into 2018 is whether they can win that many without the departed Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. Best way to watch NFL 2018 Dallas Cowboys live stream online on cable TV channels CBS & NFL Network .

Dallas brought in a flock of new wide receivers for Dak Prescott. The key piece is ex-Jaguar, Allen Hurns, who always dreamed of receiving passes from an accurate thrower.

With a few “name” tight ends available on the free agent market, we’re not sure Witten’s replacement is on the roster yet.

But everything points to a heavy dependency on Zak Elliott. He is a star, although some of his late-season stats show what can happen to any team who gives too much of the workload to one player.

Dallas Cowboys Live Stream Game


How to watch Cowboys games online?

None of that matters to Dallas Cowboy fans. They want to see Cowboys games and will cheer and shout with every play.

Many fans not at the game will watch Dallas Cowboys live streaming action on any number of internet television providers. Some might be filling a gap in their incomplete cable lineup. Others might have been so fed up with the cost of cable or satellite providers that they cut the cord and did away with their old television contracts.

Whatever the situation, Dallas Cowboy live stream options provide an inexpensive way to watch every Cowboys game live with a quality picture and reliable service.

Here are some providers offering legal and high-quality ways to watch Dallas Cowboys live stream football games.

Watch Dallas Cowboys live stream games on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a high-quality sports-centric streaming service that allows you to watch 15 Dallas Cowboys live stream games from FOX, CBS, and NBC. Fox will broadcast ten Cowboys games live this season, with NBC (3), CBS (2) and ESPN (1) showing the rest.

If you plan on watching Monday Night Football at a friend’s house or a more social viewing venue with refreshments, Fubo offers a great plan for you. Their 60 channels include over 30 sports-specific offerings, making the $45/month price tag worth it to sports fans.

Should nothing but Dallas Cowboys live stream games interest you, you are free to cancel the service immediately after the NFL live stream season is through. There is no contract.

Sling TV and Dallas Cowboys live stream free

Another reputable streaming service is Sling TV. For an enhanced package costing $40/month, you can have access to Dallas Cowboys live stream games via NBC, FOX, and ESPN. October games against Washington and Jacksonville would require a second service with CBS’ NFL live stream options.

As you will see later in this article, Sling can be combined with a low-cost provider to offer a complete Dallas Cowboys live stream package.

Sling also includes the NFL Network, allowing you to watch NFL news and highlights all week, as well as NFL Red Zone each Sunday.

If ESPN is not important to you, you can use a smaller Sling TV package with NBC, FOX, and NFLN for $25/month.

You can use DirecTV Now for Cowboys live stream games

DirecTV, the satellite television company, offers an online streaming service called DirecTV Now. Its channel offerings include NBC, FOX, and ESPN in its basic $40/month package.

Once again, you would have to combine a service with access to CBS broadcasts to complete your Cowboys live stream schedule.

DirecTV Now requires no contract, allowing you to cancel the service immediately after the season.

PlayStation Vue could have most of what you want

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s internet television service. It does not require a PlayStation game to work. In fact, it is compatible with most internet-connected devices.

PSV includes ESPN and the NFL Network in all markets. It also might offer FOX, CBS, and NBC in your service area. That would let you watch every Dallas Cowboys live stream game (and every other NFL live stream offering) all season.

However, Sony is involved with negotiations in many markets that affect network affiliates’ availability in many areas. Fox stations might be added back in some markets if a large merger falls through. But you need to check the PlayStation Vue website to verify what stations are included in your viewing area.

Use CBS All Access to fill the NFL Live Stream gaps

CBS owns its own live stream service offering many of its products. Their NFL games, including two Cowboys live stream games, are offered with their basic package.

At $5.99 a month, it is worth adding CBS All Access to a service offering the other channels you need to cover your entire Dallas Cowboys live stream schedule.

Better yet, both CBS games are scheduled for consecutive weeks in November. With no contract, you can watch the elusive 15th and 16th Dallas Cowboys live stream games for the price of only one month’s service.

You might want to consider that CBS will also show NFL live stream games during the playoffs and has the rights to this season’s Super Bowl. But you can still save by waiting until November to add CBS All Access.

NFL Game Pass for Cowboys fans around the world

NFL Game Pass offers an international plan that includes live streaming of every NFL game. You can not only watch all 16 Dallas Cowboy live stream games, but every other NFL live stream game, too.

NFL Network and other perks, like condensed archived games, coaches’ films, and NFL Red Zone are all included in the $125/year price tag.

Should the Great State of Texas follow through on its next threat to secede, NFL Game Pass will provide a great plan for fans searching for Dallas Cowboys live stream games.

Everyone can watch Dallas Cowboys live stream games

There are other options available. With a little research, you can find a package or a combination of services that lets you watch every Dallas Cowboys live stream game from the comfort of your home.

Then you can relax in front of your preferred viewing device and let the Dallas Cowboys live stream games begin.

This is how we see the Dallas Cowboys’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Cowboys (0-0) at Panthers (0-0)

Dallas starts off with one of their seven games against 2017 playoff teams. Carolina has high expectations again this year behind a solid defense and a gelling offense.

Dallas is always a threat with the tandem of Prescott and Elliott, but they will only go as far as their defense takes them. Today, it doesn’t take them far enough. (Panthers 21-13)

Week 2: Giants (1-0) at Cowboys (0-1)

It’s not technically opening day, but the Giants are on hand again for the Cowboys home opener. That usually doesn’t go very well for the Giants. Saquon Barkley helped Eli Manning pull off a stunning upset of the Jaguars in Week 1.

But this is Week 2, and these are the Cowboys. Jerry Jones puts on one of his special shows to wow the fans. Then Elliott puts on a show of his own. Manning looks up to the task, but the Giants defense can’t slow down the Cowboys offense. (Cowboys 27-24)

Week 3: Cowboys (1-1) at Seahawks (0-2)

It won’t have the feel of Cowboys home opener, especially with fans in Seattle concerned about the loss of the Legion of Boom and an 0-2 start. But Russell Wilson still has enough magic in him to will his team on in big moments.

Seattle’s no-name defense comes up with enough stops to reward their 12th man as Wilson sets the tone. (Seahawks 27-21)

Week 4: Lions (2-1) at Cowboys (1-2)

Detroit comes off an exciting win against the New England Patriots in Week 3 to face the Cowboys.

Matt Stafford and Dak Prescott exchange touchdowns for a while before the Cowboys’ defense comes up with the big stop. Elliott makes sure Stafford get no opportunity for a last-minute drive. (Cowboys 27-24)

Week 5: Cowboys (2-2) at Texans (2-2)

With a healthy Deshaun Watson under center, Houston has great expectations for 2018. Two straight wins has their fans excited about things.

Prescott comes in expecting a dogfight, but the Houston defense tempers that expectation rather quickly. Despite a game effort from the Cowboys defensive backs, Dallas falls short in Houston. (Texans 21-13

Week 6: Jaguars (3-2) at Cowboys (2-3)

After three straight wins, the Jaguars come off a humbling loss to the Chiefs. Dallas watches game film of the Giants’ opening day upset of the NFC South champions in hopes of finding a winning formula.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars’ defense will not look past the Cowboys offense like they did with Eli Manning’s crew. Prescott is hit early and often, while the Jaguars ground game pours it on against Dallas. (Jaguars 27-16)

Week 7: Cowboys (2-4) at Redskins (1-4)

Since their opening day win in Arizona, Alex Smith and the Redskins lost four games in a row. They come off three straight games against playoff teams to host Dallas.

No mercy or pity will be forthcoming from Dallas. The Cowboys need a win and they don’t mind taking advantage of a lesser opponent. The defense has their best game of the season and Elliott makes short work of the Redskins. (Cowboys 21-7)

Week 8: The Cowboys are on their bye week.

Week 9: Titans (3-4) at Cowboys (3-4)

Tennessee started 2018 expecting to return to the playoffs. They know they have to beat teams from outside their division to make that a reality.

Dallas just knows that 4-4 sounds a lot better than 3-5. Elliott leads the way again, but it is the defense who comes through in the end. (Cowboys 19-17)

Week 10: Cowboys (4-4) at Eagles (7-1)

Philadelphia comes off their bye week, which was preceded by an ugly loss in London. The Eagles want to get back on the winning track right away.

Dallas falls behind early and can’t break the Philly defense soon enough to get back in it. Elliott has his worst game of the season. (Eagles 27-13)

Week 11: Cowboys (4-5) at Falcons (5-4)

Atlanta shrugged off an 0-3 start to climb back into the playoff race. They show no signs of letting up.

It’s the Cowboys’ second straight week facing a playoff contender on the road. This week doesn’t go much better than last week. Only a last-second touchdown makes the score respectable. (Falcons 27-10)

Week 12: Redskins (2-8) at Cowboys (4-6)

Everyone should be home for the holidays. Back in the friendly confines of AT&T Stadium for the annual Thanksgiving game, the Cowboys are most thankful not to face another playoff team.

Prescott, Elliott, and the defense work off a great deal of frustration before letting up toward the end. Jimmy Jones even cracks a smile. (Cowboys 28-14)

Week 13: Saints (7-4) at Cowboys (5-6)

The Cowboys host another playoff team as Drew Brees leads the powerful Saints offense into Dallas for a Thursday Night Football game.

Fans who watched their Thanksgiving game can’t believe this is the same team. Prescott can’t get the air game going. Brees has no such issue. (Saints 33-16)

Week 14: Eagles (9-3) at Cowboys (5-7)

Dallas can’t believe another playoff team is on the schedule. The Eagles are coming off a Monday night beating of the Redskins that ended a mid-season swoon.

Philadelphia’s offense takes things slow, but the defense shuts down the Cowboys right from the start. Things are getting snippy in the Cowboys’ locker room after another loss. (Eagles 21-7)

Week 15: Cowboys (5-8) at Colts (6-7)

Indianapolis is looking for a .500 season after winning three of their Last four games. Andrew Luck is showing signs of arm strength and the Colts are feeling good.

Dallas needs to stop the bleeding. It is clear which team is playing with the most urgency. Prescott looks like the star quarterback today. (Cowboys 28-17)

Week 16: Buccaneers (5-9) at Cowboys (6-8)

Tampa Bay has shown some fight during the season, but they never really recovered from their 0-5 start. The defense is keeping them in most games, but the offense misfires more often than not.

Dallas takes on that formula and beats it with just enough from their offense to take a snoozer in their home finale. (Cowboys 17-13)

Week 17: Cowboys (7-8) at Giants (9-6)

They’ll need some help, but a Giants victory over the Cowboys gives them a shot at a surprising wild-card berth. It would be quite an accomplishment after their 3-5 start.

It would feel good to get back to .500, but it would feel great to get to 8-8 while simultaneously slamming the door on your arch-rival’s season. Eli and Saquon put on a show, but in the end, Dak and Zeke break the hearts of Giants fans in a big moment. (Cowboys 33-27)

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What happens next?

About five months after telling the world the Cowboys were primed to challenge the Eagles, Jerry Jones tries to convince us he is proud of how his team handled a rebuilding year. Who knows what happens after that? It’s Jerry’s team.

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