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Detroit Lions football is back! The Lions will kick off its season on Monday, Sep 10th at Ford Field . Like most Field. games, fans looking for the Lions vs NY Jets live stream feed will find it on ESPN at 7:10 PM (ET). You will find other Detroit Lions live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and FOX (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Detroit Lions live stream football games.

Matt Patricia takes the helm in 2018. He is literally a rocket scientist. But neither that nor his football resume with the New England Patriots guarantees success in Detroit. Remember how we thought Josh McDaniels would make the Broncos a championship team? Guide to watch NFL football Detroit Lions live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

There are good signs coming out of Detroit, however. Patricia recognized the connection between offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter and Matt Stafford and retained his services. Then he gave him an improved offensive line and reliable running game to work with.

Assumptions about how Patricia will improve the Lions defense can be garnered in the signings of three faster and bigger free agent linebackers.

It certainly looks like he has a plan.

Detroit Lions live stream free


Detroit Lions live stream

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This is how we see the Detroit Lions’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Jets (0-0) at Lions (0-0)

If the Jets thought they would get away from Matt Patricia’s defenses, the schedule makers proved them wrong. Patricia gets to face a team he is very familiar with in the New York Jets.

Detroit might have to guess whether Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, or rookie Sam Darnold lines up behind center, but the Jets remain a work in progress and ripe for the taking. (Lions 27-21)

Week 2: Lions (1-0) at 49ers (0-1)

Detroit helps San Francisco kick off their home season. Jimmy Garoppolo’s win streak is already over, but he still hasn’t lost in front of his excited fans in the Bay Area.

Matt Stafford and LeGarrette Blount have little trouble dealing with the 49ers rebuilding defense, but Garoppolo and offense come out with too much emotion to be contained. (49ers 31-27)

Week 3: Patriots (1-1) at Lions (1-1)

Matt Patricia faces his old boss in a primetime Sunday night game in Detroit. The Patriots barely fended off Deshaun Watson before letting Blake Bortles and the Jaguars exact a little revenge from last seasons AFC Championship loss.

For a while, it looks like Brady will get the best of Patricia’s new team. Jim Bob Cooter knows he has the ultimate fourth-quarter comeback machine, though, at quarterback. Stafford works his magic to give Patricia the win over Bill Belichick. (Lions 28-27)

Week 4: Lions (2-1) at Cowboys (1-2)

Patricia seems a little more comfortable playing from behind after last week’s satisfying win. But Stafford’s comeback magic only works in Detroit.

Lions fans are happy with the early season offensive effort, but their new coach hasn’t turned the defense around yet. It costs them against the Cowboys. (Cowboys 27-21)

Week 5: Packers (3-1) at Lions (2-2)

Aaron Rodgers predicted the Packers would take the NFC North this season. An early loss to the Vikings set him back a bit. A win in Detroit would make his vision a little clearer.

But Matt Stafford is a force to be reckoned with in Ford Field, and with a legitimate running game providing a distraction, Green Bay can’t keep the Lions from matching the Packers’ attack. In the end. Patricia’s defense has its first big moment- a final drive stop to seal the win. (Lions 34-30)

Week 6: The Lions are on their bye week.

Week 7: Lions (3-2) at Dolphins (3-3)

Matt Patricia visits another familiar foe in the Miami Dolphins. Adam Gase is pleading with his troops to believe they are a playoff team as if desire is enough.

Blount provides the Lions with their first 100-yard rushing game in several years. Jim Bob Cooter learns he has a worthy backup plan for the days Stafford doesn’t have his A-game. (Lions 31-17)

Week 8: Seahawks (3-3) at Lions (4-2)

Russell Wilson and surprising defensive playhave the Seahawks treading .500 as they come out their bye. Are rumors of their demise premature?

Stafford dials back the passing game a bit in a decidedly mixed offensive attack. For the second week in a row, the Lions defense holds their opponent under 20 points. It’s progress in Detroit. (Lions 24-13)

Week 9: Lions (5-2) at Vikings (7-1)

Matt Patricia has the Lions feeling pretty good about themselves at the midpoint of the season. But they are about to learn why there is more work to be done before they capture anNFC North title.

Minnesota’s only loss came at the hands of the defending Super Bowl Champs. After Stafford faces the Viking defense and Patricia’s defense lines up against Kirk Cousins, the Eagles are still the only team to beat the Vikings. (Vikings 24-10)

Week 10: Lions (5-3) at Bears (4-4)

Chicago just evened their record against the hapless Bills. Their solid defense and running game covers the growing pains of a young quarterback most week. But like the Lions, they find sharing the division with the Packers and Vikings makes life difficult.

Stafford shows early that this is not one of his sharper days. Cooter dials up a heavy dose of Blount, but the Bears defense stops him cold. Detroit’s defense makes it close, but not close enough. (Bears 17-14)

Week 11: Panthers (8-1) at Lions (5-4)

Carolina rolls into Detroit with the top-rated defense and a rejuvenated Cam Newton. Like the Vikings, only the Eagles have had enough to beat them.

But the Lions defend their home field as well as anyone. Stafford surprises the Panthers defense by handing the ball off on more than half their plays. When they adjust, the field is open for the long play Detroit needs to make a strong defensive effort stand up. (Lions 24-16)

Week 12: Bears (5-5) at Lions (6-4)

Chicago comes to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday game off a harsh loss to the Vikings. Detroit fans are talking about their defense and the return of the running game.

Detroit gives the national television audience a glimpse at the whole show. Chicago’s defense collapses under the weight of an unstoppable Lions offense. Blount is asked if he expects to play in his third consecutive Super Bowl with his third different team. His answer is predictable. (Lions 35-14)

Week 13: Rams (7-4) at Lions (7-4)

Los Angeles’ offense is starting to look as explosive as last season. If the Lions are to remain unbeaten at home, their defense will have to come up big.

But Todd Gurley takes over early and the Rams jump out front. There is no magic from Stafford today as the Rams keep him off the field for most of the game. (Rams 27-17)

Week 14: Lions (7-5) at Cardinals (3-9)

As much as the Cardinals wanted to send Larry Fitzgerald off to retirement on a positive note, he knew it might be a long season with a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback. Josh Rosen comes back after watching Sam Bradford run the show for a couple of weeks.

The Cardinals defense takes away the Lions’ passing game and almost does enough to let their kid quarterback steal a victory. But the Lions’ rookie running back, Kerryon Johnson decides this is his day to shine. (Lions 21-18)

Week 15: (Lions 8-5) at Bills (2-11)

Matt Patricia doesn’t like the Bills. During his tenure in New England, the dates with Buffalo were always circled on the calendar. He would like nothing more than to kick them when they’re down.

Buffalo’s record, however, is not an indicator of how they are playing since their bye week. Their defense takes away the Lions’ running game, knowing Stafford is not the same quarterback in a cold, outdoor stadium. LeSean McCoy provides enough offense for the upset. (Bills 24-20)

Week 16: (Vikings 10-4) at Lions (8-6)

The loss to the Bills puts Detroit’s wild-card hopes on life support, especially with games against the Vikings and Packers on tap. The power horses of the division are tied in the standings. One of them could win home field advantage throughout the playoffs while forcing the other to travel in a wild-card game.

Detroit likes their chances to grab a wild card, if not tie for first by running the table. Patricia looks uncomfortable as the Vikings appear in control late in the game. But Jim Bob Cooter is grinning. He knows he has Stafford in a home game. Detroit is 7-1 at home. (Lions 28-27)

Week 17: Lions (9-6) at Packers (11-4)

Aaron Rodgers has the chance to make his preseason prediction of a division title for Green Bay come true in front of the home fans. He delights the Packer faithful with a typical offensive showing.

Blount and Johnson keep the Lions within reach. Stafford will get one more chance to put a dagger in Green Bay. But it’s just not as easy in a windy, sub-freezing stadium. (Packers 27-21)

What happens next?

Monday morning, Patricia presents his general manager with a list of the players he needs to take the Lions to the next level. Lions fans can’t wait for 2019.

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