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Green Bay Packers football is back! The Blues will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at Lambeau Field. Like most Green Bay games, fans looking for the Packers vs Bears live stream feed will find it on NBC Network at 8:20 PM (ET). You will find other Green Bay Packers live streamed games on NBC, CBS, and ESPN during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Green Bay Packers live stream football games.

There wasn’t too much that was good about the 2017 Green Bay Packers’ season. Aaron Rodgers’ broken clavicle exposed the flaw in coach Mike McCarthy’s philosophy of not giving backup quarterbacks practice reps. Guide to watch NFL football Green Bay Packers live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

But last year’s misery is this year’s fortune. The Packers head into 2018 on a third-place schedule with a healthy Rodgers running the offense. The last time they had a third-place schedule, they saw a five-game improvement the following season. They also changed defensive coordinators that season, so maybe that’s a double omen of good things to come?

Rodgers, for one, expects nothing less than a division title, apparently unfazed by the presence of the NFC Championship runners-up Vikings nor the brilliant mind of Matt Patricia running the Lions.

Green Bay Packers Live Stream Online


Green Bay Packers live stream?

Green Bay Packers fans are among the smartest Americans in the country. That’s why so many of them have cut the cord to their cable and satellite television providers and joined the millions using internet television to watch their favorite programs.

Most internet television companies provide live stream feeds from local affiliates of the traditional major networks. FOX, CBS, and NBC will provide 15 Green Bay Packers live stream games in 2018. Several companies will provide Monday Night Football live stream games, filling in the Packers schedule.

Here are the best ways to watch all 16 Green Bay Packers live stream games in Wisconsin. Each company mentioned offers affordable, reliable, and legal NFL live stream games from well-known television networks.

Each has some sort of free trial and none of them require a service contract, meaning their low monthly costs are even a better bargain for Green Bay Packer fans.

Watch Green Bay Packers live stream on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is the internet streaming division of the large satellite television provider. It is far less expensive and cumbersome than satellite. There is no contract.

DirecTV Now includes live streaming of FOX, CBS, and NBC in many television markets. With ESPN and NFL Network as part of their national offerings, you might get all 16 Green Bay Packers live stream games from this one provider.

I say “might” because the company’s website says there is no CBS affiliate in Milwaukee and no NBC affiliate in Madison. However, with the proximity of those cites, it is possible the affiliates’ signals reach all parts of the area.

All the local channels live stream in the Green Bay market. To get all the NFL live stream channels, you will need the DirecTV Now package that costs $55/month. There are dozens of other entertainment channels included in that cost.

Use Sling TV for Green Bay Packers live stream action

Sling TV offers two small channel packages which offer ESPN, the NFL Network, FOX, and NBC in many areas. That means 14 Green Bay Packers live stream games could be available, depending on your market.

Two games on CBS will not be found on Sling. However, there are inexpensive ways to fill that game explained later in this article.

Fubo TV provides Green Bay Packers live stream games

Sports fans love Fubo TV’s channel selection, which includes 30 with exclusive sports programming. NFL Network is among the choices, providing Fubo TV subscribers with NFL Red Zone on Sundays, exclusive coverage of several games during the season, and NFL news all week.

Fubo customers in the Milwaukee and Madison market will receive 15 Green Bay Packers live stream games over the CBS, FOX, and NBC networks. Fubo does not stream from the Green Bay CBS station.

Despite its sports-centric offerings, Fubo TV does not have an agreement with ESPN yet. Later in this article, I will share a secret on how to best find the one or three games you need to watch the whole slate of Green Bay Packers live stream games.

CBS All Access has two Green Bay Packers live stream contests

CBS All Access is that networks internet television service, providing live stream and on-demand access to most of their programs. They also have the rights to offer any NFL live stream game they own the rights to.

Two Green Bay Packers live stream games are included in that package and might be the only two games you need to fill in the schedule with another provider. At only $5.99/month, CBS All Access is an affordable way to complete your NFL live stream experience.

Don’t forget that CBS carries this year’s Super Bowl, too.

Green Bay Packers live stream over the border

NFL Game Pass offers an international subscription to any NFL fan living outside the borders of the United States. The plan includes all 16 Green Bay Packers live stream games.

In fact, a single $125 payment gets you every NFL live stream game all season long, plus access to on-demand replays for the whole year.

On top of that, NFL Game Pass includes the NFL Network and its weekly NFL Red Zone broadcast.

Everyone can watch Green Bay Packers live stream action

Network availability varies market-to-market, but with a little internet research, anyone can find a service or combination that works for them.

Take advantage of free trial offers to see what else the company offers and how good their feed is. Ultimately, the quality of your streaming experience comes down to your internet speed, but check it out anyway.

If you find a service that has most games, you can use the free trials of rival providers to watch the rest of the Green Bay Packers live stream games for nothing.

Whatever you do, stop paying exorbitant costs for satellite and cable. Internet TV is the way to go.

This is how we see the Green Bay Packers’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Bears (0-0) at Packers (0-0)

Chicago hopes that Mitch Trubisky’s experience last season helps him make a leap toward competence. With a threatening running attack and under-appreciated defense, error-free play from their passer should be enough to let them challenge the big three of their division.

They won’t be much of a challenge for Green Bay today, however. Rogers won’t allow it. After the game, the question is raised whether Green Bay’s defense is that much better or if Trubisky is still too green. (Packers 24-13)

Week 2: Vikings (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

Minnesota is aware of the Packers’ expectations for 2018. Unfortunately, they are not aligned with the plans of the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk Cousins may have to adjust to a new offense, but it is the best offense he ever played with.

Minnesota’s defense took more offense at the thought of a challenge to their title. They come after Rodgers all game. The savvy veteran takes it in stride and throws for three touchdowns, but the team in purple gets enough stops to get the last laugh today. (Vikings 24-21)

Week 3: Packers (1-1) at Redskins (1-1)

Alex Smith and the Redskins host an angry Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. There is not much joy for teams facing an angry Aaron Rodgers.

Washington is punished for letting Kirk Cousins go to the Vikings. Rogers mercifully throttles things back in the second half to keep things respectable. (Packers 27-10)

Week 4: Bills (0-3) at Packers (2-1)

Maybe the Bills got a look at their brutal schedule before they decided to dump Tyrod Taylor for a career backup. Maybe they thought Josh Allen would be ready by now. Regardless, there is little hope for last season’s surprise playoff team from New York.

Buffalo relies on their defense to keep them in games. Rogers isn’t sure the defense is on the field. The Packers running game gets to take over the second half. (Packers 31-21)

Week 5: Packers (3-1) at Lions (2-2)

Green Bay faces their third divisional rival in the first five weeks of the season. After splitting the first two, they travel to Detroit to see what Matt Patricia has done to the Lions.

Things don’t look much different. Rodgers exploits the Lions defense with methodical marches down Ford Field while Stafford tries to keep up. Like he has done many times before, Stafford also throws the last touchdown pass of the game and pulls out the unlikely win. (Lions 34-30)

Week 6: 49ers (2-3) at Packers (3-2)

Jimmy Garoppolo already knows it is more difficult to win NFL games than it appeared last season. But winning a game against the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, in Green Bay, in primetime, and after they suffered a crushing loss is darned near impossible.

Rodgers has his fifth straight multi-touchdown game against the still-rebuilding 49ers defense. More importantly, the Packers’ defense shuts down the San Francisco running attack. (Packers 27-17)

Week 7: The Packers are on their bye week.

Week 8: Packers (4-2) at Rams (4-3)

Todd Gurley and Jared Goff appear to be getting on track with two straight wins after a lackadaisical start to their season. Oddsmakers give this matchup the highest over-under line of the week.

It’s as if they forgot these teams have defenses. While LA is always a defense to reckon with, Green Bay’s offseason moves have their unit sneaking up on people, too. Today, the Pack shines in LA. (Packers 21-17)

Week 9: Packers (5-2) at Patriots (6-2)

Green Bay’s defensive moment was nice, but this is Tom Brady and Patriots. New England is coming off five straight wins. Expectations are understandably tempered.

Rodgers and the offense come out clicking. Brady takes the field to answer. But there is no answer for Mike Pettine’s new-look defense. We start to understand why Rodgers is so sure his team will take the title. (Packers 26-16)

Week 10: Dolphins (4-5) at Packers (6-2)

Miami is struggling to stay in the AFC playoff picture. Adam Gase spends most of his weeks telling sportswriters and pundits how ready his team is. Maybe he should spend more time getting them ready.

Rodgers allows his rushers to handle the load in a rout at Miami. It looks more and more like the NFC North will decide who goes to the playoffs. (Packers 33-9)

Week 11: Packers (7-2) at Seahawks (3-6)

Offseason defections and retirements loom larger as in-season injuries pile up in Seattle. The Seahawks look like a shell of their former selves.

But this is a Thursday Night Football game. Weird things happen on Thursday nights. The ball never seems to bounce the Packers way in this particular affair. Russell Wilson carries the underdogs to victory.  (Seahawks 21-17)

Week 12: Packers (7-3) at Vikings (9-1)

The Packers might accept their Week 2 loss to the Vikings a little better after seeing how they are rolling over the league so far. Aaron Rodgers, however, won’t.

Coming in with extra rest and a chip on his shoulder, Rogers lets the Vikings defense chase and hit him, but keeps throwing daggers to barely open receivers along the way. Revenge will be Rodgers’. (Packers 28-20)

Week 13: Cardinals (3-8) at Packers (8-3)

Josh Rosen is learning a lot and will undoubtedly be a good quarterback in this league for a long time.

This is the Packers’ time, however. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay are on a mission. There will little the Cardinals can do to slow them down. (Packers 28-7)

Week 14: Falcons (8-4) at Packers (9-3)

Atlanta is back in the playoff picture after a near-disastrous 0-3 start. Looking for the ninth win in ten games, they arrive to do battle with the Packers.

Green Bay throws the whole arsenal at them. The Falcons are surprised to see the running game featured early. Rodgers receivers gain a step thanks to the play mix. Rodgers outguns Matt Ryan in what could be a playoff preview. (Packers 27-24)

Week 15: Packers (10-3) at Bears (5-8)

Green Bay heads to Chicago happy to face a non-playoff team. They should know better. Chicago gets to play the NFC North six times a year and they have some ideas on how to win those games.

The Bears defense shows why they should get more respect. They swarm all over the field and watch Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen take advantage of short fields. It is just enough to keep their hopes of a .500 season alive. (Bears 19-17)

Week 16: Packers (10-4) at Jets (4-10)

Green Bay finds themselves in a tie for the division lead with the defending champions. The loss to the Bears weighs heavily on the minds of the Packer offense… and the Jets’ defense.

If this was a bar fight, someone would be trying to pull Rodgers off his bloodied victim as he keeps throwing punches. (Packers 35-21)

Week 17: Lions (9-6) at Packers (11-4)

Detroit comes in off an exciting last-second upset of the mighty Vikings. Their big win gives them a chance at a wild-card slot in Matt Patricia’s first season.

It also gives the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers a chance to tie up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a victory. Rodgers does his part. Stafford is game, but his last drive peters out on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Filed.

What comes next?

Rodgers gives the game ball to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Life is good in Wisconsin as the Packers wait to host a divisional round game.

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