Chicago Bears Live Stream: How to Watch Online

Chicago Bears football is back! Da Bears will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at Lambeau Field . Like most Field. games, fans looking for the Bears vs Packers live stream feed will find it on NBC Network at 8:20 PM (ET). You will find other Chicago Bears live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Chicago Bears live stream football games.

Mitch Trubisky was given a chance to play as a rookie in the Bears’ lost season of 2017. Chicago fans hope that experience has him primed to lead a team loaded with offensive talent and a strong defense. Guide to watch NFL football Chicago Bears live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

That talent now includes a proven receiver in Allen Robinson and a new tight end in Trey Burton. Burton is expected to sneak up on teams after playing in the shadow of Zach Ertz and Brent Celek in Philadelphia.

But it’s up to Trubisky to get them the ball. He showed plenty of potential throwing to “receivers with upsides” in 2017. If he progresses as hoped, coach Matt Nagy will have a great first season in Chicago.


Chicago Bears live stream

Chicago Bears fans know a good deal when they see it. When companies like DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and YouTube started streaming their favorite national networks and programming over the internet at economical prices, Chicago fans were among the first to cut the cord with their old cable and satellite companies.

Rising service prices, lengthy contracts, and costly equipment drove early innovators away from their former television providers and toward internet television providers with dependable and legal streaming of their favorite shows at a fraction of the costs.

Recently, many internet TV providers added live stream feeds from local stations affiliated with the major networks like FOX, CBS, and NBC. Those networks carry 15 Chicago Bears live stream games this season.

These are some of the best options for Bears fans to watch all 16 Chicago Bears live stream games in 2018.

Chicago Bears live stream action on Sling TV

Sling TV is owned by the Dish Network, but it does not require special equipment or a contract. NFL live stream fans will want their combined channel packages to catch the 13 Chicago Bears live stream games from FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

If you do not yet have a streaming device to view the Chicago Bears live streams games on your television (as opposed to a computer or smartphone), you can take advantage of Sling’s free streaming device giveaway to customers who pay for the first three months of service in advance.

You will not find the three Chicago Bears live stream games carried by CBS on Sling. However, there are inexpensive ways to fill that hole, which we will present later.

Fubo TV offers Chicago Bears live stream games

Fubo TV was started by and for sports fans of all types. More than half their channel selection consists of networks with 24/7 sports content.

One of those stations is the NFL Network. With Fubo TV’s $40/month package, you can watch NFL Red Zone on Sundays and catch highlights and news all week. NFL Network also has exclusive rights to some nationally-televised games during the season.

Chicago’s FOX, CBS, and NBC affiliates are part of the Fubo TV experience, providing almost all the Chicago Bears live stream games to you.

ESPN has not yet signed on to Fubo TV, but if you are in the habit of watching Monday Night Football outside your home, Fubo TV might be your best bet.

DirecTV Now carries every Chicago Bears live stream game

DirecTV Now is the internet streaming version of DirecTV, except that it doesn’t require expensive satellite equipment or a contract. It also does not include the popular NFL Sunday Ticket package.

However, DirecTV Now does offer all 16 Chicago Bears live stream games from FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. Those stations also broadcast dozens of other NFL live stream contests, too.

The NFL Network is also part of DirecTV Now’s channel selection. To receive all the Chicago Bears live stream games from one provider will cost a slight premium. Bears fans will need to pay $55/month to enjoy all the NFL live stream opportunities.

CBS All Access has some Chicago Bears live stream games

CBS started its own internet streaming division to provide archived episodes of most of their programs, as well as other presentations. That includes three Chicago Bears live stream games, along with dozens of other NFL live stream contests.

The network also has rights to several playoff games and the big kahuna, Super Bowl LIII. Its relatively limited offerings come at a relatively limited cost of $5.99/month. At that price, it might be worth using CBS All Access to fill a gap from another provider.

Chicago Bears live stream overseas on Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an on-demand service providing access to every game in every market for viewing the next day in the United States.

However, overseas fans looking for Chicago Bears live stream action can get every single NFL live stream event as it happens from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

All it takes is an international Game pass subscription at $125/year. The Chicago Bears live stream game is also available on-demand the following day and all through the year.

Both international and domestic customers of NFL Game Pass also get year-round access to the NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, and coaches film reviews. US residents pay just $99 for the on-demand service.

Anyone can watch Chicago Bears live stream football

Network offerings vary from region to region, but with minimal internet time, anyone can find a service or combination that works for them.

Take advantage of free trials to explore how the various providers operate and what they offer. In fact, if you only need one or two or three games, use free trials to add them on at no cost.

There is no reason to pay high prices for satellite or cable television with all these internet TV providers at your disposal.

This is how we see the Chicago Bears’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Bears (0-0) at Packers (0-0)

It is probably a mistake, and a bit unfair, to gauge Trubisky’s growth in this game. Beating Aaron Rodgers in his home opener after declaring the Packers as the 2018 NFC North is a tall order.

The Packers’ new defense does allow us to make some judgments, however. Green Bay dares Trubisky to throw. It’s not a promising start for the young passer. (Packers 24-13)

Week 2: Seahawks (0-1) at Bears (0-1)

Chicago hosts its only prime-time game in Week 2 against an unknown commodity. With Russell Wilson behind center and Pete Carroll on the sideline, the Seahawks are always a risk. But with so many new names on the roster, it’s too early to know how good they will be.

In Week 2, they are not very good. An error-free game from Trubisky helps maximize the running game in a solid win for the Bears. (Bears 20-10)

Week 3: Bears (1-1) at Cardinals (0-2)

Arizona put rookie Josh Rosen behind center over Sam Bradford, willing to suffer the growing pains during their first rebuilding year under Steve Wilks.

Chicago knows they are a better offense. They forgot to consider the Arizona defense. Trubisky throws to the wrong team… several times. (Cardinals 17-13)

Week 4: Buccaneers (0-3) at Bears (1-2)

Tampa Bay faces only one non-playoff team in the first five weeks of their schedule. It is the Bears. Jameis Winston knows this is his best chance to avoid an 0-5 start.

Unfortunately, the Bears defense comes out angry and determined after the bad loss to Arizona. The running game provides the offense again in a feel-good win. (Bears 21-6)

Week 5: The Bears are on their bye week.

Week 6: Bears (2-2) at Dolphins (3-2)

Miami sits next to the Patriots on top of the AFC East. They are convinced they are that good.

Chicago has them wondering by the end of this event. Trubisky gets more involved in the offense, while the defense continues to provide highlights. (Bears 21-10)

Week 7: Bears (3-2) at Patriots (4-2)

Chicago travels to New England where the Patriots have won three in a row. Bill Belichick’s troops made it through their usual early-season blahs and are marching toward another title.

Matt Nagy tries to control the ball with the run. The strategy effectively limits the Patriots’ offense, but the Bears can’t punch the ball in enough to make the strategy work. (Patriots 20-13)

Week 8: Jets (2-5) at Bears (3-3)

It appears the Jets’ quarterback questions have been answered with Josh McCown settling in behind center. New York has won two of their last three, dropping the middle game to the Vikings.

Chicago’s defense plays hard as usual, but McCown might be the smartest quarterback they faced besides Rodgers and Brady. He exposes cracks in coverage, and the Bear offense doesn’t do enough to help. (Jets 21-17)

Week 9: Bears (3-4) at Bills (1-7)

It’s hard to say if the Bills are as bad as their record. They face a brutal first-half schedule, but fans are questioning if Tyrod Taylor was a better answer than the cast of quarterbacks on the sidelines this season.

Chicago only knows they can’t afford to take anyone lightly, especially after last week’s disappointment against the Jets. Howard takes the game over late. (Bears 21-17)

Week 10: Lions (5-3) at Bears (4-4)

Detroit is starting to think they can make Matt Patricia’s first season a winning one. Fans are shocked to learn they can have a passing game, a running game, and a defense at the same time.

Chicago has at least two of the three, too. The passing game does enough to cover the third aspect in a hard-hitting battle in Chicago. (Bears 17-13)

Week 11: Vikings (8-1) at Bears (5-4)

As if the Vikings need any more advantage against the Bears, they come in fresh off their bye week to continue their impressive title defense.

Chicago is game for the fight, but the final score makes it look like a fairer battle than it was. It is a punishing day for the whole offense. (Vikings 20-13)

Week 12: Bears (5-5) at Lions (6-4)

You ever have one of those days when you don’t feel well, and you really don’t want to see anybody? That’s how Chicago feels as they limp into Detroit to play the nationally-televised Thanksgiving Day affair.

Detroit comes in fresh off an upset of the Panthers. It’s a rare off day for the Bears’ defense. The offense doesn’t do much better. (Lions 35-14)

Week 13: Bears (5-6) at Giants (6-5)

New York has climbed out a 3-5 hole to jump into the wild-card race. At least, that’s how they are spinning it in New York. With three wins in a row, they certainly believe their rapid rebuild is ahead of schedule.

Chicago enjoys the extra days’ rest, but they still fall flat in this one. Trubisky has his worst game of the season and the Giants defense has learned how to corral the run. (Giants 20-7)

Week 14: Rams (8-4) at Bears (5-7)

For the second week in a row, the Bears face a team who claims to have “found themselves.” Los Angeles arrives with a four-game winning streak and an eye on a first-round playoff bye.

Chicago buys the hype. They come out flat again against the defense of the Rams. Nothing is working for the Bears at the moment.  (Rams 24-10)

Week 15: Packers (10-3) at Bears (5-8)

What can you do to end a five-game losing streak? Matt Nagy bans the press from the practice field all week. The offense and defense hold team meetings. The kicker invites the punter for coffee.

Whatever the reason, the Bears finally come out emotional and energized. Rodgers is harassed all day. The Bears offense struggles but hits enough big plays to put them in front… and the streak ends. (Bears 19-17)

Week 16: Bears (6-8) at 49ers (8-6)

After a four-game winning streak, the 49ers find themselves just a game behind the Rams for first place. Jimmy Garoppolo’s legend is extolled over the airwaves and in the newspapers. Life is good in San Francisco.

Chicago is here to ruin their day. The emotion of their win over the Packers carries over. Trubisky has his first multiple-touchdown day of the season while Jimmy G meets the bulk of the Chicago defenders. (Bears 28-17)

Week 17: Bears (7-8) at Vikings (10-5)

If the Bears are to finish with a .500 record, they will have to get past the Vikings. That’s a tall order any day, but after losing control of their destiny in a heartbreaker last week, Minnesota is in a must-win situation.

What we get is a classic NFC North slugfest. Neither quarterback has time to do much, so the runners are left to pound the defensive fronts. Minnesota is just a bit more motivated than the Bears. (Vikings 17-14)

What happens next?

It’s not the magical season they envisioned, but it could have been worse. Nagy spends the offseason analyzing the five-game losing streak while Bears fans flood the sports-talk stations with opinions of Mitch Trubisky’s future.

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