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Oakland Raiders football is back! The Raider Nation will kick off its season on Monday, Sep 10th at Oakland Coliseum. Like most Oakland games, fans looking for the Raiders vs Rams live stream feed will find it on ESPN at 10:20 PM (ET) . You will find other Oakland Raiders live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and FOX (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Oakland Raiders live stream football games.

The big story in Oakland is the return of John Gruden – or Gruden 2.0 as they are calling it. There’s no doubt Gruden knows the game, but can he slide right back into coaching after more than a decade in the television booth?. Get the Oakland Raiders live stream , latest news, rumors, stats, standings, scores and many more from NFL TV Pass Website.

He already announced that he will rely on gut feelings, football IQ, and the eye test more than any informatics database. That has some concerned that the coaching line of work has passed him by.

Whatever happens, we know it is his team. The changes in the locker room are piling up in both directions. He will get his type of team, with a lot of grizzled veterans playing key roles.

Watch Oakland Raiders live stream


CBS All Access provides many Oakland Raider live stream games

As in past seasons, CBS will broadcast the majority of American Football Conference games in 2018. However, due to some scheduling quirks, that might not mean as many Oakland Raider live stream games as you think.

Only 9 of the Raiders’ 16 games will be presented by CBS this season. Four games, including the October 14 game in London and a Thursday night game, will be broadcast by FOX. ESPN has the Raiders in two Monday Night Football games while the last Raiders live stream game opportunity comes on a Sunday night from NBC.

Why buy a streaming service that only allows you to watch nine Oakland Raiders live stream games? Because you will find several NFL live stream providers that do not include CBS. At $5.99/month, CBS All Access might be an economical way to complete your Oakland Raiders live stream game needs.

DirecTV Now offers some Oakland Raiders live stream

Most football fans have heard of DirecTV and their NFL Sunday Ticket. They also know it requires a satellite dish, other equipment, and an expensive two-year commitment.

DirecTV Now is their online television project. FOX, NBC, and ESPN are included in the basic level service at $40/month. That covers the seven Oakland Raiders live stream games not on CBS. There is also no contract, so you can cancel as soon as the NFL season is over.

DirecTV Sunday Ticket Online for Raiders live stream

There are many NFL fans who can not use a satellite dish where they live. This includes people in some high-density housing like apartment complexes or dorms. It also includes residents of areas where satellite dishes are restricted by geography or law. Parts of San Francisco fall into that category.

For those fans, DirecTV introduced Sunday Ticket Online. You can watch Oakland Raiders live stream games, as well as all other out-of-market games, live on your computer or mobile device. This is limited to fans in areas described above, but it is worth a visit to DirecTV’s website to see if you qualify.

The cost is a bit higher than other options at $50/month, but it only runs in-season and without a contractual obligation for additional years. If you are a student at a qualifying university or college, you can get Sunday Ticket Online for half that price.

Watch Oakland Raiders live stream football on Sling TV

Sling TV is a high-quality provider of NFL live streamed games. They offer ESPN, NBC, and FOX, as well as the NFL Network. If you want all the stations, it will cost about $40/month. If you have other plans for Monday nights, you can drop ESPN and pay only $25/month to grab seven Oakland Raiders live stream games.

Sling TV also offers NFL Red Zone as part of an add-on package called Sports Extra. It is available for $10 more per month.

Fubo TV offers most Oakland Raiders live stream games

Started by and for sports fans, Fubo TV is a rapidly growing online streaming service. Their channel offerings include CBS, FOX, and NBC in many markets, including the Bay Area.

Although they devote more than half their channels to sports-specific programming, Fubo TV has yet to pick up ESPN. That means only 14 of the Oakland Raiders live stream games are available via Fubo.

If you don’t mind spending Monday nights at a friend’s house or some other sociable football-viewing location, Fubo might be the best choice for you. For $45 per month, you can watch Oakland Raiders live stream games on your smart phone, tablet, computer, or internet television device.

Raiders live stream via NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass offers on-demand access to every NFL game whenever you want it, starting the day after the game is actually played. It has other cool features like NFL Red Zone, Coaches’ films, and streaming of the NFL Network, but US residents can’t watch the games live.

International fans, however, can watch all 16 Oakland Raiders live stream games from anywhere outside the US with an internet connection. At a cost of $125 for a full year of access, it is a relatively economical way to watch all your Raiders live stream games.

For US customers restricted toon-demand access to NFL games, the cost is $99 per year.

Cheaper than hours of wings and drinks

With just a bit of research, fans looking for Oakland Raiders live stream football can find a provider or combination that offers a complete schedule of games.

Most of these services offer a wide variety of other entertainment networks as part of the quoted price. Be sure to check their websites to see what is included, as well as to assure your market area has the listed channels.

Then kick back in your favorite chair and enjoy Oakland Raiders live streaming action.

This is how we see the Raiders ’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Rams (0-0) at Raiders (0-0)

Gruden’s troops are put to the test immediately, hosting the formidable Los Angeles Rams in the second Monday Night Football game. Jared Goff didn’t fare nearly as well against the top defenses as he did against average units in 2017. Can Gruden come up with a powerful defense by opening night?

What we do know is that John Gruden loves the spotlight. He will have a game plan in place for his coming out (again) party. Look for Oakland to start the season with an upset. (Raiders 31-27)

Week 2: Raiders (1-0) at Broncos (1-0)

Denver is a flawed team. Against Seattle in their season opener, their strong defense and new quarterback were able to cover those flaws. Can they do it again?

Gruden is happy, but not satisfied, with his teams’ effort in Week 1. Can his team continue to gel and tweak the game plan simultaneously? Not this week. (Broncos 20-14)

Week 3: Raiders (1-1) at Dolphins (1-1)

Miami is waiting for the Raiders after a cross-country flight into sunny Florida. Adam Gase still calls the Dolphins a contender. Gruden is just tweaking along.

Both coaches believe in their quarterbacks. Today, Tannehill catches fire against the traveling Raiders aspeople wonder if Gase might be right about his team. (Dolphins 31-17)

Week 4: Browns (1-2) at Raiders (1-2)

Cleveland comes off their first win since 2016. Gruden convinces his team that the Browns are second coming of Bart Starr’s Packers.

Doug Martin takes more of the rushing load away from Marshawn Lynch. Cleveland doesn’t know what to make of that, either. (Raiders 27-13)

Week 5: Raiders (2-2) at Chargers (3-1)

Philip Rivers is convinced the Chargers are destined to be AFC Champions. Melvin Gordon helps him make believers of some of the Raider faithful, too.

Gruden installed a whole new defensive backfield in the preseason. They are no match for the multi-faceted attack of the Chargers. (Chargers 24-13)

Week 6: Seahawks (2-3) at Raiders (2-3)

Both of these franchises are dealing with significant changes as they fly to London for their Week 6 game. One of them will fly home with a satisfying 3-3 record. The other will field the questions that come with a 2-4 showing.

Both quarterbacks move the ball. Oakland settles for a couple of field goals and it ends up costing them in a tight loss. (Seahawks 21-20)

Week 7: The Raiders are on their bye week.

Week 8: Colts (3-4) at Raiders (2-4)

Oakland comes off their bye to face Andrew Luck and the Colts. It is Luck’s third game of the season after coming back from his infamous shoulder surgery. The Colts split his previous two efforts with the Bills and Jets, scoring only 17 points each week.

Carr and the Raiders almost get caught looking ahead to Thursday night’s matchup with San Francisco. Their defense bails them out. Gruden snaps at a reporter who asks if he is proud of the ugly win. (Raiders 17-10)

Week 9: Raiders (3-4) at 49ers (4-4)

Any notion coming into the season that Jimmy Garoppolo would never lose a game has long been put to bed by the 49ers mediocre start. The young quarterback is not playing poorly, but the Niners are still a work in progress.

John Gruden spent a large portion of his bye week preparing for this Thursday Night Football event. Once again, he has his team ready and excited for a nationally televised event. Garoppolo has a good showing, but Derek Carr has the better plan of attack. (Raiders 28-24)

Week 10: Chargers (6-2) at Raiders (4-4)

Los Angeles beat the Raiders in their Week 5 matchup. But so far this season, the Chargers won two game and lost their third. Then, they won two more and lost their third. They come to Oakland for their ninth game of the season coming off two wins.

Is it destiny? Or are the Raiders coming around? All Gruden cares about is that it is a win. Oakland climbs above the watermark with their third consecutive win. (Raiders 25-21)

Week 11: Raiders (5-4) at Cardinals (2-7)

Arizona has lost five straight games as they get set to host the resurgent Raiders. Gruden is getting accolades for making the Raiders relevant while Cardinals’ fans are wondering if Steve Wilks was the right man for the job in Arizona.

It sounds like the Raiders should continue to roll. But the Arizona defense is still pretty good. They knock Carr’s receivers all over the field and the Lynch / Martin backfield can’t provide any relief. It’s back to the drawing board in Oakland. (Cardinals 20-17)

Week 12: Raiders (5-5) at Ravens (5-5)

Baltimore suffered a five-game losing streak before bouncing back to win their last two. While their record is a disappointment, they are very much in contention for a division title in the AFC North.

Oakland is still in the hunt, too. They are only two games back of the first-place Chargers at this point. Both veteran quarterbacks and both coaches are determined to keep their teams in contention. Only one of these teams has a dominant defense that can control games. (Ravens 24-10)

Week 13: Chiefs (6-5) at Raiders (5-6)

Oakland has a chance to pull even with one of the two teams ahead of them in the AFC West. Gruden can’t emphasize this enough all week. Everywhere around the training complex come cries of “pull them down”.

Andy Reid, however, spent his bye week plotting how to run the table with his powerful set of skills players. Oakland gets smashed in the mouth early and never recovers. (Chiefs 20-10)

Week 14: Pittsburgh (6-6) at Raiders (5-7)

Oakland hosts another primetime game on Sunday night against the unsteady Steelers. Surely, Gruden will pull another rabbit out his hat for the event, right?

Unfortunately, Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a very good record in primetime, too. They also have a greater sense of urgency as the Ravens threaten to take the AFC North title away from them. Big Ben does enough to squeeze out a win in Oakland. (Steelers 21-18)

Week 15: Raiders (5-8) at Bengals (2-11)

Eliminated from the playoff race and with the security of a long-term contract, John Gruden gives some of his young talent a chance to play against the woeful Bengals.

Cincinnati has shown some recent signs of life, with two straight home victories. This is their last home game of the season, and quite possibly the last home game for long-time head coach, Marvin Lewis. The Bengals put forth an emotional effort and extend the misery of Oakland’s losing streak. (Bengals 24-10)

Week 16: Broncos (5-9) at Raiders (5-9)

The wheels have come off on John Elway’s Broncos team as they face a Monday night contest in Oakland.Denver recently lost six straight before sneaking past the Browns in Week 15.

Of course, the Raiders are dealing with a five-game losing streak of their own. Some of Gruden’s veteran players aren’t happy about yielding their positions to rookies and projects. The result is a listless game, albeit a victory for the home team. (Raiders 17-13)

Week 17: Raiders (6-9) at Chiefs (10-5)

Gruden is livid over the teams’ effort against Denver. On Monday, he promotes the entire practice squad and cuts the players they replace. He then reminds the remaining players that although he has a ten-year contract, none of them is guaranteed a job beyond Sunday.

On game day, he gives a rousing speech and challenges his team to make sure the Chiefs, winners of eight of their last nine games, don’t win their third straight division championship. (Raiders 21-16)

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What happens next?

Gruden lets the team celebrate their upset win on the way home. Then, he and general manager Reggie McKenzie set to work revamping the roster for 2019.

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