Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream NFL TV Guide

Kansas City Chiefs football is back! Redwood Forest will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at StubHub Center. Like most Kansas City games, fans looking for the Chiefs vs Chargers live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports Network at 4:05 PM (ET). You will find other Kansas City Chiefs live streamed games on NBC (3), FOX (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Kansas City Chiefs live stream football games.

Alex Smith and the Chiefs made the playoffs for the third year in a row and won their second straight division title in 2017. Then, Andy Reid traded Smith away and installed second-year player, Pat Mahomes, at quarterback. Get the Kansas City Chiefs live stream NFL Football Coverage at CBSSports.com.

You can argue Reid did Smith a favor by sending him where he will play. You could also cite the lesson Philadelphia taught us about the value of having an experienced backup quarterback on the roster.  if Mahomes flops or gets injured, Reid will have a difficult time defending his choice.

For this article, we will assume Mahomes stays on his feet for 16 games. Surrounded by exceptional talent at all the skill positions, the youngster is in a good position lead Kansas City back to the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs live stream game


Kansas City Chiefs live stream via CBS All-Access

CBS All-Access exclusively provides their own television programming, including the chance to watch nine Kansas City Chiefs live streamed contests and more than a hundred other NFL live stream games.

Many of the other NFL live stream options do not include CBS. At a low price of $5.99 per month, CBS All-Access can provide the Chiefs live stream games needed to complete a full season of NFL enjoyment.

Those on a budget might settle for the nine games on CBS and count on neighbors and various social sports establishments to watch other Kansas City Chiefs live stream options.

Find a more complete Chiefs Live Stream lineup with Fubo TV

Built by and for sports enthusiasts, Fubo TV offers a wide array of sports channels, including NFL live stream providers. You can find all your Sunday football needs, including Kansas City Chiefs live stream games on FOX, CBS, and NBC in many markets, including Kansas City.

Fubo has not yet struck a deal with ESPN. But if you can find another option for Monday Night Football viewing, Fubo is a strong candidate to satisfy your Kansas City Chiefs live stream needs.

Fubo runs about $45 per month with no contract. Besides being compatible with most online streaming devices, you can use Fubo to watch your Chiefs live stream games on most mobile devices and computers.

Sling TV for Kansas City Chiefs live stream games

You can watch Kansas City Chiefs games live via Sling TV when they are on NBC, FOX, ESPN, or the NFL Network. Sling offers two sets of channels at $25 each, or both for $40 per month. Since ESPN is not part of the group that includes NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network, you probably want to go with the combined groups.

Adding the CBS All-Access service at $5.99 gives you a complete Kansas City Chiefs live stream package at a price comparable to other, less complete services. Sling enjoys a reputation as one of the best live stream providers.

If you have a few more dollars to burn, consider adding the Sports Extra package from Sling TV. It includes the NFL Red Zone channel, as well as other fun sites from other major sports.

Watch Kansas City Chiefs live stream on DirecTV Now

Direct TV’s satellite package, NFL Sunday Ticket, is the most complete NFL life stream experience available, but it is expensive, requires a two-year commitment, and makes you deal with a satellite dish.

DirecTV Now is an NFL live stream option that includes NBC, FOX, and ESPN. They do not include the NFL Network, but since Kansas City Chiefs live stream games are not part of NFLN’s exclusive game offerings, that doesn’t matter.

The bigger obstacle is that most Chiefs live stream games are on CBS, another channel DirecTV Now does not carry. With a price similar to Sling TV, you can combine DirecTV Now with CBS’ All-Access to capture all the Kansas City live stream opportunities in 2018.

PlayStation Vue for Kansas City Chiefs live stream

Another option for Kansas City Chiefs live streaming is PlayStation Vue. Despite the name, you do not need to own a PlayStation console to use the service. It is compatible with most mobile and online streaming devices.

PlayStation Vue has offered CBS, FOX, and NBC local live streams, along with ESPN and NFL Network nationwide. However, there is some posturing going on in several media markets. This could affect network availability in your neighborhood.

Check the PlayStation Vue website to make sure they still offer all the local affiliates where you live. If so, this is the most complete Kansas City Chiefs live stream package available. It costs about $45/month with no contract obligating you to continue service past the NFL football season.

There is an NFL Game Pass for international fans

NFL Game Pass offers on-demand access to all games throughout the United States. But if you don’t live in the United States, you get to watch every game live. That means you can watch Kansas City Chiefs live streaming football games regardless of what channel is presenting the game every week.

For only $125 per year, NFL Game Pass offers international customers NFL live streaming games, plus on-demand replays, coaches’ films, archived games from previous seasons, NFL Red Zone, and 24/7 access to the NFL Network.

Kansas City Chiefs live stream for everybody

All these Kansas City Chiefs live stream providers offer more than NFL football. Each of them has a variety of other entertainment channels to enjoy. If you’re having trouble deciding which option to use, check out their other channels to see if that wins you over.

With a quick internet search, you can find the best provider or combination to economically allow you to watch every Kansas City Chiefs game live.

This is how we see the Kansas City Chiefs ’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Chiefs (0-0) at Chargers (0-0)

Kansas City faces a tough test right from the start, traveling to California to take on the Los Angeles Chargers. LA is a stylish pick to dethrone the Chiefs as AFC West champs this year. Philip Rivers is on record as saying this might be the best team he’s ever shared the field with.

Reid lets Mahomes open things up early, but the kid is no match for the Chargers’ veteran quarterback At the end of the day, Mahomes has a solid stat line, but Rivers has the victory. (Chargers 28-25)

Week 2: Chiefs (0-1) at Steelers (1-0)

Pittsburgh’s veteran passer has been listening to questions about lost steps even before he needed a last-second field goal to avoid an opening day loss to the Browns. The Steelers are 1-0, but not all is perfect.

Pat Mahomes is roughed up by the Steelers’ defense, but Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware can’t be stopped. Kansas City grabs their first win of the Mahomes Era. (Chiefs 28-24)

Week 3: 49ers (1-1) at Chiefs (1-1)

This week, the Chiefs’ young passer will match wits with another young passer, San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo. Minnesota ended Jimmy G’s winning streak on opening day, but the 49ers are coming off a solid win over Detroit.

San Francisco isn’t expected to be a top defense, but they have the young Mahomes dancing in the pocket. His uncomfortable performance contributes to Kansas City’s second loss of the young season. (49ers 24-20)

Week 4: Chiefs (1-2) at Broncos (2-1)

Case Keenum is off to a good start in Denver, which is good for John Elway because he bet Keenum will be just as good as Kirk Cousins. Denver has the fans believing early, even though they have some roster concerns.

Mahomes is ready to experience his first Monday Night Football game as a starter. He doesn’t play poorly, but the strong Broncos defense comes up with more stops than the Chiefs. KC drops to 1-3. (Broncos 24-22)

Week 5: Jaguars (3-1) at Chiefs (1-3)

Jacksonville bounced back from a bad opening day upset to win three in a row. The Jaguars defense can’t wait to get after a raw quarterback.

Kansas City’s defense rises to the occasion,however, bottling up Leonard Fournette and closing down passing lanes for Blake Bortles. The game is more exciting than the final score. (Chiefs 14-12)

Week 6: Chiefs (2-3) at Patriots (3-2)

Remember last year’s opening day when the Chiefs threw every offensive play they knew at the Patriots and humiliated them on national television?

The Patriots remember. The defense is ready for anything this time around, but it’s Brady and his fleet of receivers who deliver the bulk of the body blows in this primetime rematch. (Patriots 31-17)

Week 7: Bengals (0-6) at Chiefs (2-4)

Cincinnati’s season is already off the tracks. Marvin Lewis finds himself asking why he was brought back for another season.

Mahomes doesn’t have to do much as the running game and defense handle the heavy lifting against the Bengals. (Chiefs 33-10)

Week 8: Broncos (4-3) at Chiefs (3-4)

Denver has lost two of three since beating the Chiefs in Week 4. Questions about their offensive line and running game are being bantered about. Keenum’s receivers seem to be a step slower than he thought, too.

Mahomes incurs Reid’s wrath, kind of, when he promises Kansas City will win. Then Reid lets him run a pass-dominant attack as the Chiefs catch their division foes in the standings. (Chiefs 31-10)

Week 9: Chiefs (4-4) at Browns (3-5)

If Reid is worried about his young quarterback taking the Browns too lightly, he needn’t be. The Browns three early victories let all future opponents know they are not the automatic W they used to be.

Reid should have worried more about his defense who almost let the Browns come back late. Mahomes’ Chiefs have a winning record after another good passing game. (Chiefs 28-20)

Week 10: Cardinals (2-6) at Chiefs (5-4)

Arizona comes off a bye with a new passer behind center. Coach Steve Wilks decides to sit Josh Rosen for a week or two and let him watch Sam Bradford on the field for a while.

Kansas City’s defense doesn’t care. They spend almost as much time in the Cardinals’ backfield as their quarterback. Reid dials up the running game with great effect. (Chiefs 28-10)

Week 11: Chiefs (6-4) at Rams (6-4)

Los Angeles looks for their third win in a row as they make their move for a playoff berth.

Both young quarterbacks are harassed by the defenses. Todd Gurley makes one more big play than Kareem Hunt as the Chiefs get tripped up before the bye. (Rams 23-20)

Week 12: The Chiefs are on their bye week.

Week 13: Chiefs (6-5) at Raiders (5-6)

Oakland is having their ups and downs as they adjust to life under John Gruden. They enter this contest trying to avoid their third loss in a row.

Mahomes comes out of the bye with some new wrinkles. He doesn’t set the field on fire, but he does enough to get a win. (Chiefs 20-10)

Week 14: Ravens (6-6) at Chiefs (7-5)

Baltimore had high hopes coming into 2018, but despite Pittsburgh doing everything they can to hand the division to the Ravens, Baltimore is struggling to stay in the race.

Meanwhile, Kansas City is determined to stay within striking distance of the Chargers, who they play next week. In front of the home crowd, Mahomes uses a heavy dose of Kareem Hunt to get the job done. (Chiefs 20-14)

Week 15: Chargers (10-3) at Chiefs (8-5)

Philip Rivers struts into Kansas City knowing that a win today clinches the AFC West for Los Angeles and puts Kansas City’s wild-card hopes in peril.

Pat Mahomes knows that, too. So does the Chiefs’ defense. Rivers has a rare off day and running back Melvin Gordon can’t do enough to make up for it. The Chiefs division hopes survive another week. (Chiefs 20-16)

Week 16: Chiefs (9-5) at Seahawks (4-10)

Seattle wastes a year of Russell Wilson’s career by failing to replace many of the lost cogs of seasons past. Wilson still has the ability to take over a game and will the team to victory, but his supporting cast doesn’t seem interested at this stage of the season.

Kansas City still needs to lock up a fourth straight playoff berth. The difference in attitudes can’t be ignored. Mahomes doesn’t throw a pass in the second half of this snooze-fest. (Chiefs 27-17)

Week 17: Chiefs (10-5) at Raiders (6-9)

Kansas City has to beat the Raiders and hope the Chargers lose to the Broncos to capture the AFC West in a tiebreaker. But, knowing he clinched a Wild Card Slot and will have to play next week even as a title winner, he decides to rest several key players in the second halfwhile nursing a small lead.

John Gruden can be seen jumping around the sidelines screaming something about respect to his players. Derek Carr responds with two fourth-quarter touchdown drives to steal a victory. Kansas City settles for their wild-card berth.

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What happens next?

Reid is attacked loud and long after the Chargers also fail to win in Week 17. Instead of hosting the fading Texans, the Chiefs have to fly to Pittsburgh and take on Ben Roethlisberger’s veteran team in the Wild Card week.

Reid is not in danger of losing his job after making the playoffs with essentially a rookie quarterback. But things will be more peaceful in Kansas City if the Chiefs advance farther than they did last season.

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