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Los Angeles Chargers football is back! The Bolts will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at StubHub Center. Like most Los Angeles games, fans looking for the Chargers vs Chiefs live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports Network at 4:05 PM ET. You will find other Los Angeles Chargers live streamed games on NBC (3), FOX (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Los Angeles Chargers live stream football games.

Last season’s Los Angeles Chargers lost their first four games by a total of seven points. Then, they won nine of their last 12 to push themselves into a four-way tie for two Wild Card slots. If the league picked the two best 9-7 teams to go on, the Chargers would have been picked first. Complete guide to watch NFL Los Angeles Chargers live stream Football Coverage at CBS Sports Network.

Instead, tiebreaker rules allowed the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans to sneak in. But coming that close after starting 0-4 has the Chargers excited about 2018, if not determined.

Adding free agent Mike Pouncey to the offensive line and rookie Derwin James to the defensive backfield addresses the only weak spots displayed during the Chargers 9-3 stretch. Philip Rivers is among those who expect great things from the Chargers in 2018.

Los Angeles Chargers live Stream


How to watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games in 2018

Whatever happens in 2018, Chargers fans are not going to want to miss a game this season. For many, that means finding a high-quality Los Angeles Chargers live stream option before kickoff.

The Chargers’ two nationally-televised games are scheduled on the main Sunday networks. The London game broadcast will come from CBS. A Thursday Night Football affair will be on FOX (as well as NFL Network and Amazon Prime).

That means you can watch 12 Los Angeles Chargers games live on CBS, with three more Chargers live stream games coming via FOX.

There is an unscheduled game in December that could be played on either Saturday or Sunday, which will determine its broadcast status. If the 16th game is on a different network, we’ll tell you how to live stream it for free.

Watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on Fubo-TV

Fubo TV is an online television service largely devoted to sports. More than half its channel lineup consists of sports-specific stations. In the Los Angeles area, as well as many parts of the country, they offer CBS, FOX, and NBC.

That means you can watch all 15 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games using one online provider. Fubo TV packages start at $45 per month. With no contract required, you can cancel your subscription as soon as the season is over.

With NBC in the package, you have a better chance of the December flex game being included in your subscription.

Despite its sports-centric offerings, Fubo TV does not have a contract with ESPN. There are no Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on Monday nights, but if you are an MNF fan, you will need a different plan.

CBS All Access offers 12 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games

CBS All Access offers NFL live streaming options for games broadcast on their network. Besides 12 Los Angeles Chargers live stream offerings, this includes some playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Every other NFL live streaming provider offers multiple channels, but CBS offers affordability. At only 5.99 per month, you can watch most of the Los Angeles Chargers live stream games on a tight budget.

All-Access can complete a season package when combined with another NFL live stream option, as you will see below.

You can watch Chargers live stream games on Sunday Ticket Online 

Most football fans are familiar with the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package. It offers a great NFL experience, but you have to commit to two years at a premium price and deal with a satellite dish and other equipment.

But some fans can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games via Sunday Ticket Online. This is a newer service for people who can not use satellites due to local restrictions. This includes many apartment dwellers and students in dorms.

DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Online lets you watch any NFL live stream game over your computer or mobile device. It still carries a hefty $49.99 per month price tag but does not include the two-year contract.

Better yet, if you are a student at one of hundreds of participating colleges and universities, you can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games for half the price.

DirecTV Now also offers Los Angeles Chargers live stream games

DirecTV Now is a wider-available option from the company. At a non-contracted $40 per month, DirecTV Now includes ESPN, NBC, and FOX over most devices.

There are no CBS games broadcast by DirecTV Now, but if combined with CBS All Access, this provider allows you to see all of the Los Angeles Chargers live stream television options, along with many other NFL live stream games.

Sling TV offers another option for LA Chargers live stream viewing

There are a number of possibilities offered by Sling TV to NFL and Los Angeles Chargers fans. This company has two packages of channels at $25/month each. One includes ESPN. The other includes NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network.

If you prefer to watch Monday Night football games in a more sociable viewing arena than your living room, you can opt for the second package. Combined with CBS All Access, this gives you the most affordable way to watch all 16 Los Angeles Chargers live stream games,regardless of who televises the flexed game.

Combining the ESPN offering will cost a discounted $40 per month. Sling-TV also offers NFL Red Zone as part of an add-on called Sports Extra.

What about that flex game?

The weekend of December 23-24, the NFL can slot the Chargers’ game into a Saturday or Sunday window. That means it is possible CBS, Fox, NBC, or the NFL Network could have exclusive rights to broadcast.

If the game is broadcast on a network not included by your NFL live stream provider, you can probably watch the game live for free by taking advantage of a free trial offered by most companies.

International fans need to watch Chargers live stream games, too

NFL Game Pass is the best option for NFL fans living overseas. Many US fans know it as an on-demand service. However, fans outside the United States can watch Los Angeles Chargers live stream games as they happen.

The international Game Pass service offers every game live or later, along with NFL Red Zone and the NFL Network for only $125 per year.

There is a way for anybody, anywhere to watch every Los Angeles Chargers live stream game in 2018. With just a few minutes of research, you will find the best option for you.

This is how we see the Los Angeles Chargers ’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Chiefs (0-0) at Chargers (0-0)

Kansas City let Alex Smith go and handed the reins to Pat Mahomes, a second year, strong-armed thrower. With the talent pool around him, Mahomes is set up for a good debut.

Philip Rivers wants to put the Chiefs on notice that the AFC West title is not a lock this season. Kansas City throws their entire offensive repertoire at the Chargers, but Rivers has just as many viable options at his disposal, too. The Chargers capture the most entertaining opening day game of the season. (Chargers 28-25)

Week 2: Chargers (1-0) at the Bills (0-1)

Buffalo’s reward for sneaking into the playoffs last season was a brutal opening schedule in 2018. The Chargers defense starts correcting the stats they incurred against the Chiefs by taking it to the Bills’ shaky offensive line and inexperienced quarterback.

Meanwhile, Melvin Gordon prompts memories of when LeSean McCoy had an offensive line in Buffalo. Rivers has a lower passer rating after two games than he did last season, but he already has two more wins. (Chargers 28-3)

Week 3: Chargers (2-0) at Rams (1-1)

Jared Goff and the Rams bounced back from an opening season upset at the hands of the Raiders to secure a comfortable home win against the Cardinals.

Goff and Todd Gurley match Rivers and Gordon pass-for-pass and run-for-run. Both defenses have their moments, but the home offense ekes out a win against the Chargers. (Rams 27-24)

Week 4: 49ers (2-1) at Chargers (2-1)

San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo had his winning streak snapped on opening day, but he has strung together two more wins since then. San Francisco believes they have the personnel and the schedule to make a run at a division title.

This isn’t part of the schedule that has them optimistic. The Chargersoffense can’t be stopped. They send their upstart guests home with their second loss of the season. (Chargers 27-24)

Week 5: Raiders (2-2) at Chargers (3-1)

After an opening day upset against the Rams, Oakland struggles to keep up with John Gruden’s schemes and adjustments.

The Chargers,on the other hand, are clicking on all cylinders. They make short work of the Raiders in a game not as close as the score indicates. (Chargers 24-13)

Week 6: Chargers (4-1) at Browns (2-3)

Cleveland already has two wins under their belt this season against the Jets and Ravens. Tyrod Taylor has solved the great quarterback quandary in Cleveland and their other veteran acquisitions have the Browns’ young stars playing with direction.

Los Angeles is a better team than either the Jets or Ravens and they are certainly better than the Browns. But on this day, they come out flat and lay an egg against a determined foe. (Browns 20-14)

Week 7: Titans (3-3) at Chargers (4-2)

Tennessee and Los Angeles travel to London for their Week 7 tilt. Neither team has much experience playing across the pond, but at least LA knows what it’s like to cross the country.

Philip Rivers gets the Chargers back on track in England with a nondescript win over the Titans. (Chargers 24-12)

Week 8: The Chargers are on their bye week.

Week 9: Chargers (5-2) at Seahawks (3-4)

Nothing is the same in Seattle. After a number of high profile players left in the offseason, the normal excitement is lacking. A banner in the crowd says, “how ‘bout if we’re just the 11-and-a-half man?”

Russell Wilson tries to will the Seahawks along, but he watches enviously as Rivers directs his array of weapons down the field. It’s a tough year to be a Seahawks fan. (Chargers 28-20)

Week 10: Chargers (6-2) at Raiders (4-4)

Oakland has won two of three since falling to the Chargers in Week 6. Fans aren’t dreaming of a Super Bowl run just yet, but it’s a start.

Rivers and the offense don’t have a terrible game, but the Chargers defense gives up too many big plays to Oakland in a surprising loss. (Raiders 25-21)

Week 11: Broncos (4-5) at Chargers (6-3)

Denver is treading water without a running game and issues in pass protection. Their defense is keeping them in games, but discontent is brewing in the locker room.

Rivers and Gordon have a tougher day than usual, but the Chargers’ defense doesn’t let the Broncos take advantage of it. (Chargers 17-14)

Week 12: Cardinals (3-7) at Chargers (7-3)

When the Cardinals signed Sam Bradford with multiple younger and less-fragile options still available, it raised eyebrows. When they drafted Josh Rosen, it made sense. Bradford continues to chew Rosen’s ear. While the results are slow in coming, Arizona’s quarterback is getting better each week.

For now, the Cardinals are no match for the Chargers. The running game takes over in an effort to end the bloodshed quickly. (Chargers 27-10)

Week 13: Chargers (8-3) at Steelers (6-5)

Pittsburgh is not winning the close games they won last year. As a result, they are struggling to stay ahead of the Ravens in the AFC North.

Rivers wants to keep the Chiefs, winners of four in a row, at a distance. Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell push the issue, but in the end, a Melvin Gordon touchdown dive drops the Steeler to 6-6. (Chargers 27-24)

Week 14: Bengals (2-10) at Chargers (9-3)

Cincinnati has won two straight after dropping their first ten. Chargers coach, Anthony Lynn, shows the game film from Los Angeles’ Week 6 loss in Cleveland.

The team gets the message, and the Bengals get treated rough. (Chargers 27-16)

Week 15: Chargers (10-3) at Chiefs (8-5)

Philip Rivers is excited at the notion of clinching the AFC West title in front of a national television audience. But on a short week, the Chiefs’ defense is better prepared than the Chargers’ offense.

LA’s defense puts forth a great effort, too, but Andy Reid squeezes just enough from his troops to stave off elimination for another week. (Chiefs 20-16)

Week 16: Ravens (7-7) at Chargers (10-4)

Baltimore heads to Los Angeles in desperate shape. They need to win out to have any chance at catching the Pittsburgh Steelers for a division title.

The Chargers are in no mood to help them as they want to clinch their own division today, too. Both defenses set a rough tone, but the Chargers’ offense has more answers. (Chargers 20-17)

Week 17: Chargers (11-4) at Broncos (5-10)

All the Chargers have to do to clinch the AFC West title is hand the reeling Broncos their sixth consecutive defeat. They hope to have the game in hand by halftime to rest some players.

Denver’s locker room gets wind of that idea and treats their home crowd to an energetic and emotional rout of the visitors. The Chargers are left to sweat out the results of Kansas City’s final game to know if they are division champs or not.

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What happens next?

Shortly after the game comes word that the Chiefs lost to the Raiders. It is a bittersweet result for Rivers who envisioned walking off the field with his division championship cap and tee shirt.

The New York Jets’ upset of the Patriots gives the Chargers a first-round bye. Rivers enters the playoff fray well rested and in front of a home crowd.

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