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Indianapolis Colts football is back! The Colts will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at at Lucas Oil Stadium. Like most Indianapolis games, fans looking for the Colts vs Bengals live stream feed will find it on CBS Sports Network 1:00 PM (ET). You will find other Indianapolis Colts live streamed games on NBC, FOX, and ESPN during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Indianapolis Colts live stream football games.

Indianapolis shrugs off their lost 2017 to Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury. To hear Jim Irsay and the Colts talk about it, you would think it was unusual that the Colts missed the playoffs. The truth is, they missed the playoffs with Luck behind center in 2015 and 2016, too. Guide to watch NFL Football Indianapolis Colts live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

GM Chris Ballard continues to treat his offensive line as little more than a necessary evil. Luck- if he gets back- and Jacoby Brissett will rely on confusing defenses with multiple players in motion to buy a half-second to get rid of the ball.

Indianapolis is in trouble, even if Luck comes back as Andrew Luck, and not a tentative or weak-shouldered shell of himself. They could do far worse than Brissett under center, but Joe Montana would have a difficult time of things with this team.

Indianapolis Colts live game preview


Indianapolis Colts live stream football?

Many of the savviest Colts fans have cut the cord recently, rejecting cable and satellite television for less expensive internet or even antenna TV. Services like DirecTV Now, Sling, YouTube TV, and Netflix provide entertainment options more conveniently than standard television.

For those fans, as well as for those still contracted with satellite and cable, but suffering with incomplete channel options, there are options to watch every Indianapolis Colts live stream NFL game at home.

This article will explain the top options forwatching NFL live stream football legally and reliably over any good internet connection. There is no reason to miss a single down with Indianapolis Colts live stream action readily available to all.

Fubo TV offers Indianapolis Colts live stream games

Fubo TV is a sports-centric internet television provider. It offers over 60 channels, half of which exclusively broadcast sports of various types.

They also offer local broadcast of networks, including CBS, FOX, and NBC in many markets. Unfortunately, they do not offer CBS in the Indianapolis market, which means only three games on FOX will be found here.

Why mention them if they won’t broadcast the 12 Indianapolis Colts live streams games over CBS? Because Fubo-TV might still provide an option as part of a package. Read on and I will explain it further.

Fubo does not offer ESPN, but they do have the NFL Network for Thursday Night games, as well as 24/7 news and highlight shows.

Sling TV will show some Indianapolis Colts love stream games

Sling TV is another popular internet television service. If you already have a subscription, you might have the blue package, which includes NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network. Adding their Orange package (for a combined $40/month) gives you ESPN, too.

CBS is not included in Sling’s live stream options, meaning the 12 Indianapolis Colts live stream games on that network will have to be found elsewhere.

CBS All Access gives you 12 Indianapolis Colts live stream games

CBS All Access exclusively offers CBS programs and local network programs, like the 12 Indianapolis Colts live stream games they produce this season.

Since their service is limited, it is noticeably more affordable. For $5.99/month, you can get any NFL game they broadcast, plus other broadcast shows and several exclusive productions.

For someone on a serious budget, the price might be right to settle for Indianapolis Colts live stream action only on CBS. Others might tack All Access onto another service that is missing CBS games.

DirecTV Now for Indianapolis Colts live stream game

DirecTV usually offers the most complete selection of channels for watching NFL live stream football. However, the Indianapolis television market is one of several where CBS is not included.

The service does include NFL Network, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. However, for Colts fans in the team’s local network, that will only serve you three or four games. (The December 15 game against the Giants has not been scheduled for a network, yet.)

Plans start at $40/month and could be worth combining with CBS All Access to complete your slate of Indianapolis Colts live stream action.

PlayStation Vue for NFL live stream games

PlayStation Vue (PSV) offers most major networks in most television markets. As with DirecTV Now, however, the Indianapolis CBS affiliate is not included in their plans. You can watch CBS programming, including Indianapolis Colts live stream games, on demand starting the next day.

PSV does not require a gaming unit. It is compatible with almost any streaming device.

HULU, YouTube TV for Indianapolis Colts live stream action

HULU and YouTube TV (YTTV) each offer the full array of networks needed to watch Indianapolis Colts live stream football games. CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN are among the channels carried in the greater Indianapolis area.

Indianapolis Colts live stream football action might not be available on these services in other parts of the country, but if they are, they offer reasonable packages with all the networks.

NFL Game Pass International shows Indianapolis Colts live stream

Many US-based fans know NFL Game Pass as an on-demand service. They allow every NFL football game in every market to be viewed on demand, starting at the end of the current weekend’s schedule.

However, fans living outside the US borders can watch all 16 Indianapolis Colts live stream games as they happen with an NFL Game Pass international subscription. In fact, you can watch any NFL live stream contest you want for $125 per year.

You also get the on-demand service, NFL coaches’ films, NFL Network 24/7, and the Red Zone included in the price.

Anyone can watch Indianapolis Colts live stream football

With a few minutes of web searching, you can find the right combination or service for you. Be sure to verify channel availability and price before you commit.

All these Indianapolis Colts live streaming options offer free trials and no contracts, making them even more affordable.

In fact, if I was the type to try and beat the system, I might pay for the CBS All-Access service and take advantage of free trials for the four weeks Indianapolis Colts live stream is on another network.

Who knows? You might find one of the other services is something you want to subscribe to forever. Then you’ll be ready for next year when the much-improved Indianapolis Colts are invited back to the Monday and Sunday Night Football schedules.

This is how we see the Indianapolis Colts ’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Bengals (0-0) at Colts (0-0)

Alright, things won’t be so bad in Week 1. Cincinnati is another team with a long season ahead of them, and it all starts against the Colts.

Andrew Luck does not make it back for the season opener. That’s okay. With an offseason to study the Colts’ playbook, Jacoby Brissett will do just fine. (Colts 23-17)

Week 2: Colts (1-0) at Redskins (1-0)

So far, so good for the Colts and the Redskins. Alex Smith picked up a win with an error-free game against the Cardinals. Jacoby Brissett isn’t making anyone chant Andrew Luck’s name.

Today, it is Brissett who holds serve. Three touchdown passes propel the Colts past the Redskins in front of a decidedly derisive Washington crowd. (Colts 21-17)

Week 3: Colts (2-0) at Eagles (2-0)

Indianapolis kicks off a brutal stretch of the schedule with a trip to Philadelphia. The Eagles already showed their fans there will be no Super Bowl hangover. Now they wonder if the defending champs will lose any games.

Indianapolis’ fragile offensive line is exposed by the attacking Eagles defense. Brissett can barely get set, much less pass the ball downfield. It’s a long day for the Colts. (Eagles 31-10)

Week 4: Texans (1-2) at Colts (2-1)

Houston followed two hard losses with a rout of the New York Giants in Week 3. Deshaun Watson has three multiple-touchdown games already. Once the Houston defense steps up, there will be no stopping the Texans.

The Texan defense steps up enough in this game to keep Brissett and the Colts at bay. Indianapolis could challenge last year’s 56 sacks allowed at this pace. (Texans 28-16)

Week 5: Colts (2-2) at Patriots (2-2)

Indianapolis’ only nationally-televised game is this Thursday affair in New England. Tom Brady just evened their record with a decisive win over the upstart Dolphins. They are not about to let the Colts slow them down this week.

The Colts put up a fight early, but the defense collapses in the second half of an emphatic loss. (Patriots 28-13)

Week 6: Colts (2-3) at Jets (1-4) 

With a little extra time and a struggling opponent, coach Frank Reich decides this is a good week to start Andrew Luck. It was a bad call.

Luck looks tentative, to say the least. He short arms several passes. The Colts lose to a beatable Jets team as rumors about Luck’s future ramp up. (Jets 23-17)

Week 7: Bills (1-5) at Colts (2-4)

Luck is back under center against a reeling Bills’ team. Both coaches know their season could get completely away from them with one more loss.

Buffalo tees off on Luck, but Bills’ quarterback Nathan Peterman makes the Colts defense look even better. The Colts escape with a close one. (Colts 17-14)

Week 8: Colts (3-4) at Raiders (2-4)

Jay Gruden’s Raiders are coming off a Week 7 bye. The week off helps the Raiders iron out enough issues to look competent in Week 8.

Indianapolis is surprised by a blitz-happy Oakland defense. Luck can get nothing going and takes several big hits in a near-disastrous trip out west. (Raiders 17-10)

Week 9: The Colts are on their bye week.

Week 10: Jaguars (5-3) at Colts (3-5)

Indianapolis is fresh off their bye, but so are the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Texans have pushed ahead of the Jaguars in the division. Jacksonville can’t afford to lose any games they are expected to win.

Unfortunately, that would include Indianapolis. The Colts put up a fight, but the Jaguars red zone defense makes it an Adam Vinatieri kind of day. That’s not enough against Blake Bortles’ offense. (Jacksonville 20-12)

Week 11: Titans (3-6) at Colts (3-6)

Colts fans aren’t happy about their 3-6 record, but at least they weren’t expected to make the playoffs. Tennessee can’t lose the third game in a row if they want to have any chance at a Wild Card game.

Andrew Luck is hearing whispers of Jacoby Brissett taking over if their season continues to spiral downward. In a very entertaining game, Luck leads the Colts to the narrowest of victories.  (Colts 21-20)

Week 12: Dolphins (4-6) at Colts (4-6)

Miami fell just short in a Week 11 bid to end the Texans’ six-game winning streak. There is still a glimmer of hope in the Miami locker room.

It is a good week for Andrew Luck to have his best game of the season. It helps that he can stay on feet more than usual, as he leads the Colts to a solid win. (Colts 27-23)

Week 13: Colts (5-6) at Jaguars (8-3)

If the Colts are to even up their record, they will have to pull off an upset in Jacksonville. The Jaguars are still chasing the Texans in the AFC South division race and have no intentions of losing this game at home.

Jacksonville piles on the sacks. Jacoby Brissett finishes the game as what can only be termed an act of mercy by coach Reich. (Jaguars 30-13)

Week 14: Colts (5-7) at Texans (9-3)

Indianapolis travels to Houston to take on the Texans, now tied for first place after their winning streak ended in Week 13. The Texans seem anxious to start a new streak.

Andrew Luck bounces back from the beatdown in Jacksonville. Marlon Mack and rookie Nyheim Hines steal the show, however, with over 300 total yards between them. Houston is on the wrong kind of streak after this week. (Colts 27-24)

Week 15: Cowboys (5-8) at Colts (6-7)

Indianapolis has another chance to get back to the even mark. This time, there is no playoff contender in a must-win situation on the road. A beatable Dallas team challenges the Colts after suffering three straight losses to NFC playoff teams.

The Colts win the coin toss and things go downhill from there. Indianapolis can’t stop Ezekiel Elliott or Dak Prescott in a disappointing Sunday. (Cowboys 28-17)

Week 16: Giants (8-6) at Colts 6-8)

Indianapolis harbors hopes for a .500 season, but the Giants come into town with dreams of stealing a playoff spot. The Giants defense lets Luck keep the Colts close, but in the end, playoff hopes remain alive in New York. (Giants (24-16)

Week 17: Colts (6-9) at Titans (6-9)

Jacoby Brissett gets the start for the Colts in place of Andrew Luck. But not much of the rest of the team comes to play.

Tennessee exacts a small bit of revenge for their earlier one-point loss to the Colts and assures Indianapolis a fourth-place schedule in 2019.

What happens next?

Even Jim Irsay has limits. GM Ballard is sacked, and the Colts promise a rapid rebuild around Luck, whose arm is still attached at the end of the season. Jacoby Brissett leaves to sign with the New York Giants. Fun times continue in Indianapolis.

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