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Jacksonville Jaguars football is back! Jags’ team will kick off its season on Sunday, Sep 09th at MetLife Stadium. Like most Jacksonville games, fans looking for the Jaguars vs Giants live stream feed will find it on Fox Sports at 1:00 PM (ET). You will find other Jacksonville Jaguars live streamed games on NBC (3), CBS (2), and ESPN (1) during the season. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Game Pass allow fans to watch all 16 games. Internet television fans in the United States will need to use a VPN for NFL Game Pass’ international NFL live stream service or combine two domestic services, like Sling TV and CBS’ All Access, to enjoy the complete season of Jacksonville Jaguars live stream football games.

First-year head coach, Doug Marrone, with some friendly guidance from Tom Coughlin, guided the Jacksonville Jaguars to an AFC South title and the brink of the AFC championship in 2017. Guide to watch NFL Football Jacksonville Jaguars live stream online, news, rankings, photos, more on NFL TV Pass.

In the name of parity, results like that are supposed to result in a more difficult schedule the following season. Instead, the Jaguars will play the sixth-easiest schedule (by won-loss record) and face fewer 2017 playoff teams (6) than the winless Cleveland Browns (7).

Throw in some key new players and a healthier version of Leonard Fournette, and things look stacked in Jacksonville’s favor for 2018.

Jacksonville Jaguars live stream


Why Jacksonville Jaguars live stream action?

Jacksonville football fans are among the millions across America fed up with the rising cost of cable and satellite television contracts. Many have walked away and opted to receive their entertainment choices via the internet.

Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games can be part of that choice. In fact, if you still have cable or satellite, but can’t afford all the channels you need to enjoy every game, you can use the internet to legally and economically watch every Jacksonville Jaguars live stream game, too.

Your internet connection is the biggest determinant in how clear the games appear on your television or computer, but the companies listed below enjoy reputations as reliable providers of streaming television, including NFL live stream games, at a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite.

DirecTV Now is one way to watch Jaguars live stream football

DirecTV Now is the internet streaming division of DirecTV. It does not include the popular NFL Sunday Ticket yet, but it also does not require any expensive equipment or a contract.

Fans in Northern Florida can watch nine Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games via the local CBS affiliate. FOX carries four more games, while NBC and the NFL Network each have rights to one game. The Week 16 game has not been scheduled yet.

DirecTV Now offers all those networks to Jacksonville. They also offer ESPN, although the Jaguars are not on the MNF schedule in 2018. Fans in other areas need to verify what networks are available in your area to know how many Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games are available in your area.

The DirecTV Now package with every channel needed for Jacksonville Jaguars live stream action costs $55/month.

Watch Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games on Fubo TV

Fubo TV was started by and for sports fans of all types. More than half their 60 channels are devoted exclusively to sports broadcasts. One of those channels is the NFL Network, which will broadcast every Thursday and most Saturday games, as well as the Jaguars’ annual London game.

Local CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates are also part of the Fubo TV lineup in many parts of the United States, including the Jacksonville market area. Plans costs about $45/month with no contract.

Despite its sports-centric offerings, ESPN has not yet come on board with Fubo TV. If you are a fan of Monday Night Football, you will need to stream ESPN another way.

Sling TV shows Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games

Like most streaming options, Sling TV is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. If you prefer to watch your NFL live stream games on a television screen, but do not yet have a device to stream the internet into your TV, Sling offers a free streaming unit when you pay for three months of service in advance.

With a $25/month package from Sling TV, fans can watch all the Jacksonville Jaguars live stream action on FOX, NBC, and the NFL Network.

Fans of Monday Night Football can use a combined package at $40/month to add ESPN. Sling TV does not offer CBS broadcasts in any package.

Why would I mention a company that excludes nine Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games this season? Sometimes, you can combine services to get the best of what you want, including all the Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games.

CBS All Access includes 9 Jacksonville Jaguar live stream games!

Thousands of episodes of the CBS network’s regular television series are available on CBS All Access. So are every game the network broadcasts for the NFL.

CBS’ price point of $5.99/month makes them an affordable option to complete the slate of Jacksonville Jaguars live stream NFL games if you have another provider who lacks only CBS.

For fans on a serious budget, $5.99 a month gets you the nine Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games, as well as numerous other NFL live stream contests. That includes several playoff games and this season’s Super Bowl live stream feed.

NFL Game Pass for overseas fans

NFL Game Pass allows overseas fans to watch all 16 Jacksonville Jaguars live stream games from anywhere outside the country.

For just $125 per year, NFL Game Pass offers international subscribers every NFL live stream game regardless of which domestic network owns the rights.

NFL Game Pass’on-demand services are available to US residents for $99/year. Watch every game on demand (as soon as the last game from each weekend is completed), and enjoy the NFL Network 24/7, The NFL Red Zone, and coaches film views.

Every game remains available all year long, not just in-season. If you want to relive the best Jacksonville Jaguars live stream experiences of 2018 next summer, the games will be there for you to enjoy.

Jacksonville Jaguars live stream action for everybody

With a few minutes of internet time, you can find an NFL live streaming provider or combination of providers that works best for your budget and other needs.

HULU with live TV and YouTube TV are among the other options to consider across much of the United States.

Take advantage of free trials to see how well the feeds work and what other programs you might enjoy. In fact, if you have a provider that lacks only one or two games, use a free trial to watch that Jacksonville Jaguars live stream game for nothing.

There is no need to pay high prices for cable and satellite with all the options now available online.

This is how we see the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2018 season unfolding, game-by-game:

Week 1: Jaguars (0-0) at Giants (0-0)

This game would be a lot more important for Coughlin and the Jaguars had the Giants not fired GM Jerry Reese (who fired Coughlin in 2016) and his successor, Ben McAdoo, during the 2017 season. Coughlin might even sit in the owners’ box alongside his old ally and current Giants GM, Dave Gettleman.

That being said, Coughlin will turn all shades of red as his Jaguars get caught looking ahead to a Week 2 matchup against the Patriots. The new-look Giants offense pulls off the upset in Saquon Barkley’s coming out party, which might end up being the best thing to happen to the Jaguars. (Giants 27-21)

Week 2: Patriots (1-0) at Jaguars (0-1)

When you get caught looking ahead to another game and it costs you a win against a rebuilding team, you better be all sorts of ready for that next game.

New England was lucky to escape with a victory against Deshaun Watson and the Texans on opening day. They will not be so lucky in Jacksonville. The Jaguars exact a small bit of revenge forlast year’s AFC Championship Game loss to the Pats. (Jaguars 27-23)

Week 3: Titans (2-0) at Jaguars (1-1)

Tennessee struts into Jacksonville fresh off an upset victory over the Houston Texans. Titan fans are getting excited about a second consecutive playoff season for Marcus Mariota’s team.

After their opening day loss in New York, Jacksonville won’t take anybody lightly. They are more than prepared for Tennessee. The Jaguars are clicking on all cylinders and roll over the visitors from Music City. (Jaguars 28-10)

Week 4: Jets (0-3) at Jaguars (2-1)

New York’s other team is still trying to find an offensive identity. Last week’s loss to the Cleveland Browns has fans counting the days before Todd Bowles is the ex-coach of the Jets.

Jacksonville will not let them off the mat in Week 4. Bortles throws only 12 passes all day, but the game is never as close as the score indicates. (Jaguars 23-6)

Week 5: Jaguars (3-1) at Chiefs (1-3)

Kansas City’s offense is not coming together as quickly as Andy Reid would like. Pat Mahomes is struggling, and fans are questioning the wisdom of trading Alex Smith with a year to go on his contract.

The Jaguars defense is salivating at the chance to make the Chiefs’ young quarterback miserable for another week. But it is the Kansas City defense who comes out more aggressive. Jacksonville’s offense doesn’t make the trip in this defensive gem. (Chiefs 16-14)

Week 6: Jaguars (3-2) at Cowboys (2-3)

Jacksonville finds Dallas still adjusting to life with Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. The Cowboys are coming off a nationally-televised loss to the Houston Texans during which the announcers mentioned the two departed Cowboys more than any player currently on the roster.

Jacksonville’s offense is back on track with a healthy Leonard Fournette gaining yards in chunks. Dallas fans look restless as the Cowboys are never in this game. (Jaguars 27-16)

Week 7: Texans (4-2) at Jaguars (4-2)

Two of the AFC’s top offenses meet two of the top defenses in Week 7. Houston is riding a four-game winning streak since dropping two heartbreakers to start their season.

Tom Coughlin makes a rare locker-room visit this week to give a lesson on how early-season games like this can make or break a championship season. But, when the dust clears in this nip-and-tuck battle, it is Houston sitting on top of the AFC South. (Texans 21-16)

Week 8: Eagles (7-0) at Jaguars (4-3)

Jacksonville hosts their annual London Game against the team they almost met in last year’s Super Bowl. Philadelphia arrives undefeated and off a solid win in Carolina. London native, Jay Ajayi, guarantees an Eagles victory.

Come game day, the Eagles fail to show up. The veteran London travelers take it to the defending champions in a disappointingly ho-hum affair. (Jaguars 24-13)

Week 9: The Jaguars on their bye week.

Week 10: Jaguars (5-3) at Colts (3-5)

Both teams come off their bye week. Whereas the Jaguars rested up from their London trip, the Colts hustled to adjust to injuries and Andrew Luck’s new shoulder.

Jacksonville’s offense comes out flat, but the Colts offense is simply overmatched, settling for only field goals in another boring game. (Jaguars 20-12)

Week 11: Steelers (5-4) at Jaguars (6-3)

Pittsburgh faces their third playoff-contending team in a row. The first two did not go well for Ben and the Killer B’s. In the warm sun of Florida, however, the Steeler offense comes out firing.

Jacksonville’s offense responds, showing enough life in front of their home fans to let their defense off the hook. It is a classic AFC battle. (Jaguars 28-24)

Week 12: Jacksonville (7-3) at Bills (1-9)

Buffalo is 2018’s most disappointing team. They come off a much-needed bye week to surprise the Jaguars with newfound energy and revamped offensive attack.

With former Jaguar, Chris Ivory, lining up next to LeSean McCoy, Buffalo controls the ball for most of the game. Their defense blitzes Blake Bortles continuously. In the end, it is Leonard Fournette with the last laugh and the Jaguars escape with another win. (Jacksonville 22-16)

Week 13: Colts (5-6) at Jaguars (8-3)

Since their last meeting, Indianapolis put together a pair of wins and has a chance to claw back to .500.

Except that Jacksonville is on guard after last week’s near-disaster in Buffalo. Bortles comes out firing and the Colts never threaten. (Jaguars 30-13)

Week 14: Jaguars (9-3) at Titans (4-8)

Tennessee’s promising start went up in flames. They lost eight of their last ten meetings heading into this rematch. But the offense came together last week in a big win.

Jacksonville took it to the Colts last week after a near miss against the Bills. But they come out flat in Tennessee and allow the Titans’ offense to come up big in a upset. (Titans 27-24)

Week 15: Redskins (4-9) at Jaguars (9-4)

Jacksonville returns to Florida in control of their destiny. If they can win the final three games, they will secure the AFC North title, a first-round bye, and at least one home playoff game.

Three of Washington’s four wins came against the Cowboys and Giants. They offer little resistance in this inter-conference matchup. (Jaguars 30-19)

Week 16: Jaguars (10-4) at Dolphins (4-10)

After Week 5, Miami sat alongside the Patriots atop the AFC East with a 3-2 record. Eight losses in the nine games since then has sucked the life out of the Dolphins.

If you have to win three games in a row, starting with the Redskins and Dolphins isn’t a bad plan. Miami shows little interest in playing a game today. (Jaguars 31-3)

Week 17: Jaguars (11-4) at Texans (10-5)

The playoffs start now for these two teams. The winner of this game wins the AFC North title and a first-round bye. The Jaguars would win home field advantage throughout the playoffs, while the Texans would be guaranteed at least one home game.

Houston enters the game in disarray. After a nine-game winning streak, they let the Cleveland Browns pull off an upset and come into Week 17 losers of three of their last four games. Jacksonville hasn’t been the powerhouse it was last season, but they have eight wins over the last nine games.

Those trends continue as the Jaguar defense takes it to a weary Deshaun Watson and the Texans. Houston’s magical season ends on a sour note. (Jaguars 20-9)

What happens next?

Tom Coughlin is still mad about their opening day loss in New York, but everything else is peachy keen in Jacksonville. Can the Jaguars take the next step and gain a Super Bowl LIII berth? Maybe. But if not, it appears this team is set to make a run of it for many years.

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